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21 Things That Happened In Every Class When The Teacher Wasn't In

"If the teacher isn't here in 15 minutes we can leave, right?"

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2. So you made an executive decision that you'd wait a little and then call it quits.

"If the teacher isn't here in 15 minutes you know we can leave right"


5. You spent the rest of the class speculating about where your teacher might be.


"Well, I heard that she's being questioned by the police because she was laundering money from school funds. What did you hear?"


11. You all teamed up and tried to trick the supply teacher to see what you could get away with.

We told the sub we could work together & she said"it says here to work alone, im getting a little suspicious im being taken advantage of " 😂

Yep, sex education is definitely what you were being taught in Maths.


18. Some used their position to share their philosophical ideas with you.

Remember when some supply teacher told us all to spoil our ballots. Ha yeah great idea that

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