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21 Things That Happened In Every Class When The Teacher Wasn't In

"If the teacher isn't here in 15 minutes we can leave, right?"

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1. You walked into class and everyone was hyped because the teacher wasn't around.

2. So you made an executive decision that you'd wait a little and then call it quits.

"If the teacher isn't here in 15 minutes you know we can leave right"

3. The supply teacher showed up a couple minutes later and you quickly ran to sit next to your best friend.

4. Only to find that they were provided with a copy of the seating plan.

5. You spent the rest of the class speculating about where your teacher might be.


"Well, I heard that she's being questioned by the police because she was laundering money from school funds. What did you hear?"

6. You swapped names with your friends when the register was being taken.

Warner Bros
Warner Bros

This was the best way to show how hard you were.

7. And the naughty kid in class always switched names with one of the good kids.

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Or made up a ridiculous name.

8. The supply teacher botched someone's name and everyone thought this was hilarious.

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Unless you were the kid with the consistently mispronounced name.

9. The supply teacher probably got worked up and swore at some point.

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This was the highlight of your week.

10. And the head teacher had to come in when they eventually lost control.

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11. You all teamed up and tried to trick the supply teacher to see what you could get away with.

We told the sub we could work together & she said"it says here to work alone, im getting a little suspicious im being taken advantage of " 😂

Yep, sex education is definitely what you were being taught in Maths.

12. Everyone thought they'd get away with trying to convince the teacher that class ended early.

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13. And would lie and say that they needed to pee.


14. So when a good kid actually did need to go to the toilet they weren't allowed to go.

15. If the teacher was hot, everyone would try to come onto them.

You impressed your friends by asking for help on things you obviously understood.

16. And God forbid the supply have a non-local accent.


Why anyone found this funny is still a mystery.

17. Some supply teachers thought they could inspire in their short time with you.


18. Some used their position to share their philosophical ideas with you.

Remember when some supply teacher told us all to spoil our ballots. Ha yeah great idea that

19. Some tried to be cool and fit in with the kids.

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20. While most just wanted to get the job done and go home.

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21. Supply teachers are the true heroes of our childhood.

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They deserved so much better.

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