23 Slightly Weird Things Girls Secretly Do For Each Other

    Pluck that one stray hair on your chin with their fingertips.

    1. Feel your stubbly legs for you and tell you if you need to shave.

    2. And occasionally shave them for you if you need it.

    3. Adjust each other’s boobs and help you find the perfect bra.

    4. Zip each other up into dresses.

    5. Help you out when your head gets stuck in a tight squeeze.

    6. And immediately become a survivalist genius when you get in jam.

    7. Sniff each other’s pits to check if you smell bad.

    8. Go above and beyond to take flattering photos of each other.

    9. Form a wall around you in public so you can sneakily pull up your tights or pick out a tricky wedgie.

    10. And understand when you want to text weird pointless gibberish, just to look busy.

    11. Check each other for period stains.

    12. And carry spare pads and tampons when you’re not even due, just in case someone else needs one.

    13. Pick that one long hair off your face.

    14. And pluck out any stray hairs you missed while shaving.

    Always looking out for your blindspot.

    15. Examine whether something painful and weird on your body is just a spot, or if you're maybe sprouting a wing.

    16. Share a toothbrush, deodorant, and underwear in an emergency.

    17. Take turns to look out for each other on a night out.

    18. Hold each other's hair back while you puke.

    19. And drunkenly compliment each other in bathrooms.

    20. Put concealer on those hard to reach locations and scratch any itches on your back.

    21. Not judge you when you want to undo the top button of your jeans.

    22. Help each other be petty with no questions asked.

    23. And let each other burp and fart with complete freedom.