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    24 Things All Sisters With A Small Age Gap Will Remember

    Like twins, but with different birthdays.

    1. You held a grudge against your parents for dressing you in matching clothes.

    2. And you always got asked if you were twins.

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    Sometimes you pretended you were.

    3. If you're the older sister, you would boss the younger one around and make her do things for you.

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    4. But as the younger sister, you got to copy the older one's homework because you had all the same teachers.

    To be honest, I never do my own homework in there. I just copy it from my sister's homework when she had it last semester.

    5. Your teachers thought it was hilarious to call you by your sister's name.

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    Because the concept of two people sharing genes and looking similar is SOOO funny.

    6. And even your parents would mix your names up sometimes.

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    7. The older sister got annoyed whenever someone thought the younger one was older.

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    The younger sister LIVED for this.

    8. And you competed over literally everything, like being taller and being the first to have boobs.

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    9. You were always expected to share everything.


    Which was especially annoying if you had an older or younger sibling who always got their own.

    10. This led to you forming an alliance and plotting against your other siblings.


    In fact, it was pretty much the two of you vs the rest of the world.

    11. If you shared a room, it was like a sleepover every night.

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    As much as you complained about how awful it is to share a room, you miss these late-night bonding sessions.

    12. You made up a secret language.


    Which you spent longer working on than you did any language class in school.

    13. And you used diaries to write songs for when you got famous.

    14. You got a free pass to borrow your sister's clothes.

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    So many options!

    15. You had all of the same interests because you grew up so close.

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    Which means you can't make fun of each other's darkest phases.

    16. But this unfortunately meant she always stole your clothes, too.

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    If you went into your sister's wardrobe, you'd be guaranteed to find a shirt you'd been looking for for a year.

    17. But you went through a rebellious period where you refused to like the same things.

    18. You'd pretend you didn't know each other in school.


    But return to normal as soon as you got home.

    19. And the younger sister would throw a tantrum when the older one was allowed to do something she wasn't.

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    You stopped complaining when you got to use your sister's ID, though.

    20. You always had the most dramatic fights.


    And no one would understand when you were back to normal like nothing had happened 10 minutes later.

    21. You could insult each other as much as you wanted.


    There really was no line you couldn't cross.

    22. And you got more and more creative over the years.

    23. But you would never tolerate anyone else insulting your sister.


    Because this was your job only.

    24. You've been each other's biggest fans forever, and you're blessed with a lifelong best friend.

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