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17 Times Men Have Had Objective, Constructive Discussions About Women

Thanks fellas.

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1. In light of some, uh, recent events, we should take a moment to appreciate the diverse range of experts dedicated to making important global decisions about women.

As long as you live you'll never see a photograph of 7 women signing legislation about what men can do with their r…

Thank you, sweet babes, for doing what we can't.

2. Who better to discuss abortion and women's rights in Poland than this expertly selected group of politicians?

From a scene on Polish TV: politicians talk about abortion law (with no woman present)

Thank you for not being overcome by emotion on live TV.

3. Millions of women watched in awe as veep candidates, Pence and Kaine, engaged in enthralling debates on the morality of abortion.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

They're so well versed in the matter there really isn't anyone better to ask.


7. There were probably no issues affecting women raised at the Geneva Conference on Cyprus this year, or they definitely would have invited more of them.

Where are the women??#ConferenceOnCyprus #Cyprus


8. And when these representatives of liberal Hollywood tackled the issue of breaking barriers for minorities, we knew progress was finally coming.

Animation Roundtable: @SethRogen and 6 more on avoiding ethnic stereotypes and how to break the mold of princesses…

Don't fret, Seth Rogen and the stoner elite will save us all.

10. And the forum to improve gender equality across corporate Australia actually invited not one, but two women to participate this year.

Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

The forum to improve gender equality across corporate Australia is so woke.

11. After Bush signed the Violence Against Women act in 2006, this celebratory picture of women's rights champions was captured.


12. Want to have an impartial discussion on maternity laws? These guys on the German federal cabinet are the ones for you.

Women would be too biased to talk about maternity laws.

13. And who is more qualified than three men to answer questions regarding motherhood following a government claim that "women who don't have children are deficient"?

14. These church leaders discussing the possibility of women ordaining unions are the best of the best for the job.

These are the world Adventist church leaders who will discussing policy regarding women ordaining unions today.…

They are all so objective.