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22 Teachers Who Really Out-Teachered Everyone Else

"Today I said orgasm instead of organism in front of 30 13-year-olds."

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1. The teacher who has no time for slackers:

2. This professor who finally had enough:

3. This biology teacher who encourages visual learning:

4. And this teacher who truly incorporated the syllabus into the class:

5. This science teacher who isn't quite sure what went wrong:

6. This teacher who knows his seniors almost too well:

7. This smug teacher who is proud of his Christmas message:

8. The professor who takes his method approach to teaching very seriously:

9. This English teacher who connects with his students through memes:

10. And this teacher who can't draw hammers but is great nonetheless:

11. This professor who is really dedicated to his job:

12. This poor teacher who suffered the worst horror:

13. This professor who is a proud meme expert:

14. This history teacher who stopped class to tie together the shoelaces of a student who fell asleep:

15. And this teacher taking the time to individually bond with his students:

16. The teacher who spotted this amazing pun:

17. This science teacher with the most brutal tally:

18. This lecturer who seriously played his students:

19. And this one who went even further:

20. These amazing colleagues who changed the lockscreen on a student's confiscated phone:

21. The witty teacher who wrote this list:

22. And this maths teacher who actually out-teachered them all: