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    23 Senior Quotes So Good You'll Kinda Want To Steal Them

    "My A's turned to B's, and so did my grades."

    1. The guy who saw an opportunity and took it:

    2. The subtle couple:

    3. The guy with the upside down transcript...

    That flips into this secret message:

    4. The one who grew:

    5. The guy with an inspirational source:

    6. The team effort:

    7. The even bigger team effort:

    8. The obedient daughter:

    9. The guy with the answer to an important question:

    10. The girl with the really specific timing...

    That translates to this:


    11. The iconic defence for feminism:

    12. The guy with the quote he treasures most:

    13. The one with false expectations:

    14. The invisible girl:

    15. The smooth talking scammer:

    16. The traumatised, honest guy:

    17. The one with high hopes:

    18. The girl with a secret for success:

    19. The poor misguided soul:

    20. The guy with the expertise:

    21. The one with the butchered name:

    22. The girl with upstanding convictions:

    23. And the twins that weren't meant to be:

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