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    21 Reasons People Who Go To The Cinema Alone Are The Right Ones

    It's super chill and no one talks to you.

    1. If you go to the cinema alone you know that it's one of life's greatest pleasures.

    2. Why is going with others so normalised when watching a movie is such a solitary activity?

    3. You get to spend time with yourself who is great company.

    going to the cinema on my own is one of my fave things to do also being alone 24/7 is another cute hobby of mine x

    4. You never have to see a movie you don't want to see and can finally explore those niche interests you've been meaning to get into.

    5. And it leads to a level of self love and self growth that group cinema goers will never understand.

    Fucking Loser At Movie All By Himself

    They don't know what they're missing.

    6. The first time you go alone you might feel nervous AF.

    7. You look around at couples and groups of friends and think "Oh God, what have I done??"

    8. But as soon as you sit down you realise that no one cares, you don't care, and there are a thousand advantages to being there alone.

    9. No one will try to speak over the movie to you.

    10. You'll never have to sit by someone who asks you questions throughout the movie.

    11. And you don’t have to dress well because you’re literally seeing no one you know.

    12. You feel kinda like a cool film critic.

    Or at least hope that's how people see you.

    13. There's no pressure for it to be a whole day of doing things when all you wanted was to watch a movie.

    14. And you can take a bunch of cinema bathroom selfies to celebrate your accomplishment.

    15. You feel a bond with the other lone cinema goers in your vicinity so you're not really alone.

    16. You never have to experience that awkward silence in a group while you're picking up your things after the credits start rolling.

    17. You can just slip in and out without it being a whole thing.

    18. Once you've embraced going to the cinema alone, you don't really care if your friends don't want to see a movie you were looking forward to.

    19. In fact, pretty soon you’re turning down invites to go with others because you know you'd rather go by yourself.

    20. So when you do hang out with your friends, you can do other fun things instead of watching a movie.

    21. And you know that you'll always have your solo cinema trips for some important relaxation and alone time.