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18 Signs You're The Friend Who Hates Drama

"Can't we all just get along?"

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1. You're always trying to diffuse arguments between your friends.


Stay neutral. Stay Switzerland.

2. As soon as things start to get kinda awkward you're the first to try to ease the tension.

3. And you can often be found hiding in a corner, away from all your problems.


4. You hate backing out of commitments and having to cancel plans.

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"Pleeeease don't hate me."

5. You're constantly apologising when people walk into you.


And immediately want to take it back when the person is grumpy and responds "watch where you're going".

6. If someone gets your order wrong or gives you the wrong amount of change, it physically pains you.


Your friends will keep nudging you to speak up but you physically cannot do it.

7. So you've probably eaten countless things you don't like just because you don't want to make a big fuss.

8. People often think you're a pushover, which isn't at all true.

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9. You just don't have the energy to argue with someone when it's clearly going nowhere.


10. Even if you see an argument between people you don't know, you suffer from secondhand embarrassment.

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11. And if someone tells you "we need to talk" instead of just telling you the thing immediately, you have a little freak out.


12. When you are actually annoyed at someone you have to stop yourself from saying something incriminating.


13. And you daydream about what it would be like to stand up to people who've wronged you.

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14. You bottle all your feelings up.


15. And eventually explode to one of your closest friends who has nothing do with what you're yelling about.

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16. You have to control your annoyance, as hard as that may be.

17. Even if you know you're the one who's right.


18. Because you know you can't handle the fallout.

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