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    24 Pictures Of Ezra Miller That Will Make You Believe In A Higher Power

    It's not just pictures of his jawline, promise.

    1. If you clicked on this post, I'm guessing you already know and love Ezra Miller from his extensive filmography.

    2. You might also know that he's a massive dork who is cool to boot.

    3. No seriously, here he is being carted around in a luggage trolley.

    4. Here he is acting like an actual child.

    5. Here he is petting a cat, because of course he likes cats.

    6. And IDK what he's doing here, but this is an absolute aesthetic.

    7. He's also a style icon.

    8. Always on his A game.

    9. He's been innovating fashion looks for years now.

    10. I mean, if "artsy dreamboy" became dictionary certified, the definition would just be these pictures.

    11. He makes you wish you could pull off velvet jackets.

    12. He makes you think "I wanna take him home to meet my parents".

    13. And I don't know who styles his hair, but it always looks incredible.

    14. He shows up to red carpet events, proudly passionate about social justice issues.

    15. He loves his friends dearly.

    16. And god forbid we forget about the time he showed up to Comic Con cosplaying Fullmetal Alchemist.

    17. He also takes ridiculously cute pictures with fans.

    18. Sign me up for an Ezra Miller photoshoot ASAP.

    19. As if all of that wasn't enough, he's in a BAND.

    20. A real life goddamn rockstar.

    21. If you see him on the street you should look away because it's dangerous to stare right into the sun.

    22. But it's probably better to take the risk so you, too, can get a picture like this.

    23. Thank you Ezra Miller.