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    25 Pictures That Prove Matthew Gray Gubler Is The Ideal Man

    Gubler for president 2020.

    1. We all know and love him as Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds.


    2. But he also happens to be the world's biggest dork and an angel sent down from heaven to save mankind.

    Terry Richardson Studio / Via

    3. He continuously proves to be an innovative genius.

    Twitter: @GUBLERNATION

    Or a very peculiar man.

    4. He showcases his patriotism in a fresh, bold manner.

    5. And is secretly a five-year-old.

    6. His taste in clothing is always impeccable.

    Larry Busacca / Getty Images

    A smile from him will melt the hearts of any unsuspecting victim.

    7. Your loser boyfriend should be in awe of his fashion sense.

    Who actually owns a flamingo umbrella?

    8. He even colour coordinates with his whoopie cushion.

    9. He is a grown ass man who proudly wears mismatched socks.

    10. Any time of year, all around the world.

    11. His entire life is stylistically pleasing.

    12. It's almost as if he's a walking art piece.

    13. He lives life on the edge.

    14. You wouldn't dream of mixing in the same circles as him.

    15. And no one is insusceptible to his charm.

    16. Because he probably resides in an artsy alternate universe carefully curated for the ideal Instagram aesthetic.

    17. He is always adorably festive on Halloween.

    18. And is actually a Christmas legend.

    19. No one appreciates a good photoshop job like he does.

    20. And he's a huge family-man.

    Twitter: @GUBLERNATION

    Which is frankly repulsive and not sweet at all.

    21. Finally, let us not forget about the greatest photoshoot of all.

    22. Arguably the finest art series of our time.

    23. Probably to be hung proudly in The MoMa someday.

    24. Generations upon generations will look back on these and think to themselves...

    25. "Boy, do I wish I could've followed that guy on Twitter."

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