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Posted on Dec 19, 2017

17 Best Friends Who Are So Extra It's Inspiring

Beautifully extra.

1. This friend who's got your back.

2. These friends who aren't playing.

Is your best friend really your best friend if she's not willing to be this extra to make your man jealous..

3. This photography extraordinaire.

4. This ultimate wingman.

man added his friend for "moral support" i'm so ?????

5. This squad performing a memorial for a taken man.

We held a funeral for our friend taken by a relationship #wemissyouadam

6. This friend who understands the importance of memes.

My friend is away at boot camp and can't use her phone, so I'm sending here memes. She is missing much tbh

7. This intergenerational friendship.

8. This pal with a vision.

That "make sure ya bitch looks good in every photo" typa friendship

9. This self promoter.

i told my friend to surprise me and choose my first tattoo aND HE PUT HIS FUCKING HANDLE ON ME

10. This adorable duo.

My sister and her bestfriend think that they’re twins because they have the same birthday and this was the outcome..

11. This clever trickster.

My bff made a dick out of socks n pretended to be a boy so I could piss off a boy on snap, true friendship 🤘🏽

12. These gamers turned groomsman.

15 years of playing on Xbox live. The first time we have ever met, and he’s a groomsman in my wedding. Online frien…

13. This squad who knows how to throw a birthday bash.


14. These pals who give and keep giving.

My best friends brings me lunch and then slides a 20$ for me ✨✨

15. This BFF with the right idea.

I told my friend who is living in Japan now to send me the handsomest man of Japan and she didn't let me down

16. This thoughtful matching bestie.

Get you a best friend that buys shoes for you just so u can match

17. This masterpiece of teamwork.

get you friends that help you get a good ass picture 😋

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