People Are Making Ridiculous Memes About How Bernie Sanders "Can Still Win"

    "Here's how Bernie can still win the space race."

    We all know the US presidential election has been over for 100 days now, but people on Tumblr are currently trying to come up with some very practical ways for Bernie Sanders to still become president.

    Some bold fashion choices could provide the fuel for the uprising America is desperate for.

    And this proposed health trick is kinda crazy but might just be crazy enough to work.

    An old-school duel with Hillary could've done wonders after the primaries.

    And when Bernie took off with a chair, he made it clear that he's not to be discounted just yet.

    There are literally signs of promise everywhere.

    All hope is not lost.

    It's possible that Bernie could be propelled into power through the guidance of supernatural forces.

    A proposal like this one could take us back to a future we can believe in.

    The evidence in favour of Bernie's rise continues to stack up.

    It's likely that Bernie could actually out-meme Trump and find himself landing in the Oval Office.

    And news stories such as this one prove that it's probably inevitable, because the stats just line up.

    He still has a chance if people wise up and listen to how to make this a reality.

    In fact, Bernie can pretty much do anything if he follows this advice.

    So mark your calendars for Bernie's fated rise on 4/20/2069.

    And no matter what, stay positive and keep believing.