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    19 Jokes That Are Way Too Real If You're Broke AF

    I just need a hug(e amount of money)

    1. This wilful ignorance:

    2. This unnerving moment:

    3. This ultimate display of affection:

    4. This accurate dialogue:

    5. This social inconvenience:

    6. This fun field trip:

    7. This judgmental cash:

    8. This optimistic take:

    9. This conflicted moment:

    10. This disruptive thought:

    11. This virtual reality:

    12. This internal commentary:

    13. This truth:

    14. This 50/50 gamble:

    15. This underwhelming adventure:

    16. This gift-giving request:

    17. This peaceful slumber:

    18. This regretful reflection:

    19. And when you finally get paid, this sudden struggle:

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