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24 Jokes You Won't Get If You Don't Wear Glasses

"No glasses, who dis?"

1. Unhelpful advice:

2. False perceptions:

3. Harry Potter being wrong:

4. Self-reflection:

5. Unfortunate side effects:

6. Blurry paranoia:

7. Getting lost in flirtation:

love me a girl with glasses. bring that blind ass here baby. no…over here smh

8. Critique no one asked for:

9. Double the fun:

10. The perfect rebuttal:

11. The impossible question:

12. Keeping them clean:

13. Losing patience:

14. Superman being realistic:

15. Realigning nothing:

16. Reintroduction:

17. Blinding heat:

18. Life hack:

19. Vivid exhaustion:

20. Renewed vision:

21. Jumping to conclusions:

I just Googled "Living with Glaucoma" before realising it was just a fingerprint smudge on my glasses.

22. Dangerous romanticisation:

23. The inevitable attack:

24. And finally, much needed rest: