23 Jokes About Straight People That Are Hilariously Accurate

    Little hetero things: colour-coding your infant children.

    1. When they can just tell:

    2. On carefully gendering songs:

    3. When social constructs follow you to your grave:

    4. And this unprompted clarification:

    5. On the ease of meeting people:

    6. The forced neutral face:

    7. On allies who need recognition:

    8. On strictly platonic pals:

    9. And what sex is definitely like:

    10. This original dialogue:

    11. And literally hating spending time together:

    12. What it feels like to watch movies:

    13. On the paradox of friendship:

    14. On soul-sucking women:

    15. And doing this to babies:

    16. On shocking revelations:

    17. When literally nothing makes sense:

    18. On traditional dating customs:

    19. And spicing up relationships:

    20. On PDA:

    21. On hyping up children:

    22. These specific yet accurate aesthetics:

    23. And these arbitrary comparisons: