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    21 Times Hannibal Buress Was Funny As Fuck

    Pretzels is the same.

    1. When he delivered this iconic line at Justin Bieber's roast:

    Comedy Central

    2. When he created an email address in search for his own lookalike:

    3. And then paid this actor (who looks nothing like him) $500 to go to an event in his place:

    I'm out here at the @SpiderManMovie premiere. In theaters July 8th.

    4. When he embodied anyone who's ever needed a job:

    Comedy Central / Via

    5. When his thoughts about racism were temporarily clouded by this amazing deal on apple juice:

    Comedy Central

    6. When he judged some pretzels:

    Warner Bros

    7. When he showcased true self confidence:


    8. And when he offered this sage, evergreen advice:

    Warner Bros

    9. When he found someone talking about him on Reddit's "I had sex with a celebrity" thread:

    10. When he was accurately ranked between desks and chairs, and desks:

    Warner Bros

    11. When he reacted poorly to compliments:


    12. And when he found the perfect outfit for himself:

    13. When he accurately described the thrill of binge watching:


    14. When he wanted credit for his compliments:

    Warner Bros

    15. When he felt old and withered deep in his soul:


    16. And when he threw a bike into the ocean out of spite:

    17. When he asked the best questions:

    Warner Bros

    18. When his bluntness was everything:

    Warner Bros / Via

    19. When he searched desperately for his McGriddle:

    Rooftop Comedy

    20. When he was nicknamed this:

    Warner Bros

    21. And when he experienced that weird sense of despair after laughing too hard at a joke:


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