17 Mathematical GIFs That Are Deeply Soothing

Therapeutic geometry porn.

1. Breaking down the surface area of a sphere.

It all makes sense now.

2. How sine and cosine are related in 3D coordinates.

Watch them merge to form a flawless spiral.

3. Creating the perfect ellipse.

All you need is a piece of string and you, too, can do this at home.

4. Connecting the squares.

Who said maths wasn’t art?

5. Creating a perfect cardioid.

In which circles are actually black magic.

6. How a straight line can trace a hyperboloid.

It almost feels like it shouldn’t abide by the laws of physics.

7. The infinite cube loop.

If you ever wanted to feel small in the great abyss.

8. The relationship between sine and cosine.

They’re so wonderfully in sync.

9. And how triangles relate to sine and cosine.

Like a perfectly oiled machine.

10. Removing each digit of this number always leaves a prime number.

Naturally, the actual most badass number.

11. The derivative of an exponential curve.

It moves so smoothly.

12. The infinite square.

Perfect to sit back with a cup of tea, and watch for an hour.

13. Visualising the transpose of a matrix.

Because everything in maths is symmetrical and beautiful.

14. The mesmerising representation of a Villarceau circle (two perfect circles).

When will your favourite doughnut supplier make them as beautiful as this?

15. Approximating definite integrals.

Your maths teacher was holding out on you if you weren’t shown this.

16. Visualising the tangent.

It explains so much.

17. And everything you’ve ever asked yourself about trigonometry.

Which is probably a lot.

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Hattie Soykan is a junior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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