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    17 Mathematical GIFs That Are Deeply Soothing

    Therapeutic geometry porn.

    1. Breaking down the surface area of a sphere.

    2. How sine and cosine are related in 3D coordinates.

    3. Creating the perfect ellipse.

    4. Connecting the squares.

    5. Creating a perfect cardioid.

    6. How a straight line can trace a hyperboloid.

    7. The infinite cube loop.

    8. The relationship between sine and cosine.

    9. And how triangles relate to sine and cosine.

    10. Removing each digit of this number always leaves a prime number.

    11. The derivative of an exponential curve.

    12. The infinite square.

    13. Visualising the transpose of a matrix.

    14. The mesmerising representation of a Villarceau circle (two perfect circles).

    15. Approximating definite integrals.

    16. Visualising the tangent.

    17. And everything you've ever asked yourself about trigonometry.