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    19 Wrong Number Texts That Are Part Hilarious, Part Cringe

    So bad, they're good.

    1. This mix-up that caused a a two sided panic:

    2. These graduation pictures that were really well received:

    3. This perfect response made even better with cats:

    4. This ex-employee who probably could've left on better terms with her boss:

    5. This cringe-inducing mistake:

    Will never forget the moment I accidentally text my driving instructor this hahahaha

    6. This really unfortunate meme reroute:

    nooooo I accidentally sent this to my mother instead of my bestfriend

    7. This gran whose wrong number message turned into an invite to Thanksgiving:

    And it actually ended up happening:

    8. This smooth save that somehow actually worked:

    IM DEAD, my brother accidentally texted my dad

    9. This incredible mystery:


    10. This future doctor in the making:

    11. This well intentioned exchange:

    12. This surprised family with the sweetest advice:

    13. These strangers who made practical decisions together:

    14. This suburban feisty mother:

    this is the funniest wrong number text i've ever gotten

    15. And her follow-up, hugs and kisses included of course:

    16. This person who'll take cheese recommendations no matter the source:

    17. This surprisingly charming encounter:

    18. This bitter accident:

    19. And this person who doesn't quite ~get~ the concept of a wrong number:

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