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    Updated on Nov 6, 2019. Posted on May 27, 2018

    16 Roommates Who Out-Roommated Each Other

    Pure genius.

    1. This clever way to get the housework done:

    When your roommates think they’re about to leave town without cleaning the house

    2. This worthwhile purchase:

    3. This hilarious bit:

    4. This shrine to set the perfect romantic atmosphere:

    Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room

    5. This gallery of pure shade:

    My passive-aggressive art gallery is thriving, although some critics don't care for my emphasis on found pieces.

    6. This reassuring sentiment:

    7. This traumatising prank:

    8. This small competition:

    I bought quick oats and two days later my roommate showed up with instant oats. I will not be humiliated; I must find an even sooner oat.

    9. This chaotic evil genius:

    10. This alarming decor:

    11. This ideal setup:

    12. This petty revenge:

    13. This feud-starting pettiness:

    14. This perfect dare:

    I left my roommate a surprise and she actually did it

    15. This high-drama scenario:

    16. And this elaborate prank:

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