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13 Facts About Head Lice That'll Make You Want To Shave Your Head

"The problem has scientists scratching their heads."

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1. Head lice are roughly the same size as a sesame seed.

Lice are 2-3mm long and tan or grey in colour.

3. They crawl across your scalp using claws at the end of their legs.

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Head lice cannot hop or fly, and rely on specially adapted claw-like structures. They move at an average of 9.5cm per minute and are spread primarily through hair to hair contact. Which is why they are commonly found in active school children (and maybe group selfie takers).


5. Lice can nest in your eyebrows and eyelashes as well as your head hair.

11. The eggs are attached to your head with a glue-like substance.

Gilles San Martin / Via Flickr: sanmartin

The eggs are covered in a protective glue-like sheath which is what allows them to attach to your hair. This glue is composed of materials similar to human hair, so many treatments designed to destroy the glue might also damage your hair.


13. And research shows that lice are starting to develop resistance to medical treatments.

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Research conducted in 1998, and published in the British Journal of Dermatology, investigated the widespread reports of ineffective head lice treatments. The study took samples from school children in four different towns and cities in England, and suggested that lice are becoming increasingly resistant to over the counter treatments due to extensive use of these products.