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If You Get Over 6/11 On This Movie Director Quiz You Should Feel Pretty Good About Yourself

Whose eye lies behind the camera?

  1. Who directed Titanic?

    Paramount Pictures
  2. Who directed Fight Club?

    20th Century Fox
  3. Who directed Moonlight?

  4. Who directed Slumdog Millionnaire?

    Fox Searchlight Pictures
  5. Who directed Pulp Fiction?

    Miramax Films
  6. Who directed Wayne's World?

    Paramount Pictures
  7. Who directed The Godfather?

  8. Who directed Clueless?

    Paramount Pictures
  9. Who directed The Grand Budapest Hotel?

    Fox Searchlight Pictures
  10. Who directed Her?

    Warner Bros
  11. Who directed Pan's Labyrinth?

    Warner Bros

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