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23 Completely Ridiculous Petitions Rejected By The UK Government

Force Chris Tarrant back into Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

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1. This petition to end the Freddo injustice:

2. This compelling argument for the new Doctor:

3. This royal suggestion:

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4. This person who just wants love to prosper:

5. And this Eastenders fan worried about ratings:

6. This tired worker:

7. This dissatisfied fan:

8. This alien sighting conspiracy:

9. And this public longing:

10. This petition to keep fun alive:

11. This Obama enthusiast:

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12. This grinch:

13. And this meal deal atrocity:

Sainsbury's / Via

14. This disgruntled housemate: / Getty Images

15. This customer who hates loose change:

16. This national McFlurry crisis:

17. This emotional scientist:

ChrisGorgio / Getty Images / Via

18. And this literary suggestion:

19. This move to make the weekend great again:

20. This heart wrenching grievance:

21. This almost disturbing suggestion:

22. This bargain:

23. And this ironic petition to end meaningless petitions: