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    22 Clothing Mistakes Every Big-Boobed Girl Has Made

    That goddamn cleavage hole.

    1. The shirt that has boob holes when you button it up:

    2. Or worse, the shirt that actually rips around your boobs:

    3. The strapless you have to hike up every 5 minutes:

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    4. The dress that doesn't look anything like it was meant to on the model:

    5. And the visible seams that are actually meant to go under your boobs:

    6. Cute swimsuits that aren't at all supportive, and supportive swimsuits that aren't at all attractive:

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    7. The crop top that makes your boobs look massive from the side and probably releases some accidental underboob:

    8. All the boring neutral-toned bras because the cute ones don't come in practical sizes:

    9. The dress that fits perfectly everywhere other than your chest:

    10. The shirt that is way too big for you but at least fits around your chest:

    11. The drape-style blouse you wore because it's big and should theoretically hide your boobs, but just makes them look even bigger than normal:

    12. The basic v-neck you mistakenly thought could pass as casual wear:


    13. The graphic tee with the illegibly stretched-out words:

    14. And the parts of the shirt that end up physically hidden under your boobs:

    15. All the bras that don't fit even after the countless times you've tried being measured:

    16. The underwires that always manage to escape and poke you to death:

    17. And the expensive bra that promises the magic support you've been waiting for but is as unsupportive as any other:

    18. The sports bra you were foolish enough to think would strap you in for a run:


    Before you realised you always need to double up on sports bras.

    19. And the sports bra you can't even get on:

    20. The basic cotton tee that always ends up with crinkles between your boobs:

    21. The casual shirt that is actually perfectly fitting but your boobs make look provocative:


    22. And the built in padding that pretty much aligns with nothing:

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