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    Posted on Oct 4, 2016

    21 Things Millennials Are Doing Pathetically Wrong

    "Did they develop an app for ass wiping?"

    1. They aren't buying enough diamonds.

    ThinkStock / Via Twitter: @cowlonfullerton

    2. They apply for jobs online instead of just casually walking into a store and being offered one.


    Even though the people in the store will literally just tell you to apply online.

    3. They aren't fixing the environment at an adequate speed or standard.

    ThinkStock / Via

    But they're also tree hugging hippies.

    4. #They #Physically #Cannot #Speak #In #Sentences #Without #Hashtags


    5. And they're too liberal and easily offended.

    #HowToConfuseAMillennial tell us we're "too easily offended" and then freak out when people say "Happy Holidays" and not "Merry Christmas"

    6. School exams are just so much easier these days.

    ThinkStock / Via

    7. They put WAY too much money into funding the arts.

    #howtoconfuseamillennial Tell them to follow their passions as long as its not art, dance, music or anything remotely creative

    Because we all know that artists are by far the wealthiest of the population.

    8. And they get into debt for university instead of paying tuition fees out of pocket.


    Like you might have when tuition cost £1000.

    9. They idolise celebrities.

    Fox Photos / Getty Images
    Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

    Get a real hobby, loser teens.

    10. They are vain and constantly take selfies.

    Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

    Do it right. Sit for a five hour portrait painting.

    11. And they are so predictable that anyone with half a brain can benefit off of them.

    haha this is so relatable to me as a millennial! XD thanks @hm

    12. For some unbeknownst reason, very few millennials own property.


    Living with your parents is lazy. You should get a mortgage and collapse the economy instead.

    13. And even fewer own land.

    ThinkStock / Via

    Which is pathetic.

    14. They keep making up ridiculous new words.

    Which is not how languages in the past have evolved. Language should stay the same forever.

    15. They are lazy and unfit.

    16. And they just aren't polite.


    Screaming at retail workers about things beyond their control is the type of manners we must incorporate into our lives.

    17. They are too reliant on technology.

    #HowToConfuseAMillennial tell us to stop being so reliant on technology while you sit there on life support

    18. They dare to read books from materials other than paper.

    ThinkStock / Via Twitter: @hl_36

    We get it, you're quirky and you love the smell of a new book.

    19. They google things instead of using encylopedias.

    Why not take an hour to do something you have the ability to do in 5 seconds?

    20. Lord knows they never look up from their phones.

    Three Lions / Getty Images

    Technology is making us antisocial!

    21. And frankly, millennials are doing just about everything wrong.

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