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22 Aziz Ansari Tweets That Are Actually Really Fucking Great

"I feel bad unfollowing babies, don't put me in this spot."

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1. When he was all of us procrastinating on the internet.

If we could somehow harness the energy from my pointless internet browsing, there would never be an energy crisis.

2. When he had this wonderful idea.

Was kinda hoping Lil Sebastian was going to be behind Paddock 9. #JurassicWorld

3. And when he was hilariously honest about his thoughts.

Jp Yim / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @azizansari

4. When he said what we were all thinking about House of Cards.

Been spending way too much time day dreaming about what it'd be like to eat at Freddy's Ribs from House of Cards...

5. When he had this great response to people who couldn't relate to Master of None.

Hahaha, well, that's how I feel when I watch all the white people shows.

6. When he was adorably overwhelmed by the response to his show.

I know I talk about how much I hate wasting time on the Internet, but when the entire Internet decides to be super nice to you, it's dope.

7. And when he was super excited about his father's Emmy nomination.

8. When he supported those who'd been wronged.

#IStandWithAhmed cause I was once a brown kid in the south too. Plus sure he'll lead an amazing life & I'm trying to get in the bio pic game

9. When he didn't give Twitter trolls the time of day.

Anyone typing up racist @ replies, don't risk getting all that cheesecake on your keyboard, I don't read em anyway.

10. When he revealed he's just like the rest of us.

If I was in the NSA, I'd be looking up random people all the time. Every 10 minutes I'd be like, I wonder what Ja Rule is up to?

11. And when he admitted to doing what every author should secretly do.

12. When he asked the important questions.

"You can't tell me we going to get tacos, then say we going to do acid instead" whoever I heard say this on the street yesterday Plz explain

13. When he was all of us reacting to drama.


14. And when he said what we'd all been thinking about parents on Instagram.

Rick Diamond / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @azizansari

15. When he was brutally accurate.

"HEY DON'T WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT THE NBA ON TWITTER TODAY. PLEASE!!!" - PR teams to their homophobic clients

16. When he iconically shut down Islamophobic hate.

.@rupertmudoch Are you responsible for the evil shit all Christians do or just the insane amount of evil you yourself contribute to?

17. And when he was absolutely adorable with his parents.

18. When he revealed his secret abilities.

Sent a friend a That's So Raven GIF today then somehow Raven came up in the show tonight. Maybe I can gaze into the future???!

19. When he disappointed us with dreams of what could have been.

Sad news folks. The Academy has decided NOT to have me and Waka Flocka Flame co-host the Oscars this year.

20. When he shared this profound insight.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @azizansari

21. When he decided to live an honest life.

Ordered Microsoft Word online. Will take "4-6 hours" to process before I can download. Why? How?

22. And when he ultimately regretted that decision.

For the first time in my entire life, I am "buying" Microsoft Word. And this is what happens. Stealing was much more user friendly.

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