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    25 Things You'll Get If You're Trash But Also A Deep, Philosophical Thinker

    *psychoanalyses myself in the shower*

    1. You often can't sleep at night because you find yourself thinking about something stupid.

    2. You recreate old conversations and berate yourself for things you did and didn't do.

    3. And you often zone out into complete tangents in social situations.

    4. Sometimes a simple question can inspire a heavy debate.

    5. And you find yourself spiralling into a whirlwind of introspection.

    6. But you eventually have to de-spiral to get back to your day, because life must go on.

    7. You constantly apologise, and then apologise for apologising so much.

    8. You immediately regret everything you’ve ever said.

    9. And you play out an entire hypothetical conversation before making a phone call.

    10. You can't stop thinking about the time you waved back at a stranger who was waving at someone behind you.

    11. Or when you chuckled and said "yeah" when you missed what someone was saying, but they'd asked you the time.

    12. Even when you're drunk you try desperately to search for the truth within yourself.

    13. And you always end up oversharing at inappropriate times.

    me: I try to keep my personal life off twitter me after 1 beer: it was a cool evening in september that I lost my virginity to a man his na

    14. You've probably ended up two years deep checking up on the social media of someone from your past.

    15. You hate the idea that others think about you, and that just makes you branch into even more hypotheticals.

    16. And although you're quite forgiving, it doesn't stop you from dwelling on past events.

    17. You fret over any decision you need to make, trying to weigh out all the pros and cons.

    18. Until you eventually make a rash decision you know will plague you.

    19. Sometimes, when something goes right, you get ahead of yourself and become overwhelmed.

    20. And you go through spells of thinking you're actually kind of hilarious.

    21. But not long later, the regret will hit you again.

    22. You've pretty much perfected keeping your overthinking hidden.

    23. So when someone calls you out, it's hard to maintain your cool.

    24. The four stages of your thought process look a little like this.

    25. And you look forward to the end of the day, when you can finally reward your exhaustion with some much needed rest.