23 Jokes You'll Find Funny If You're An Adult Who Hasn't Mastered Adulting

    An "Adult in Training".

    1. When you need an adultier adult:

    2. When you're too stubborn to ask for the help you desperately need:

    3. When it feels weird to call grown-ups by their first name:

    4. When you have to ask yourself this question:

    5. When you have to set the bar real low:

    6. When your unhealthy lifestyle is somehow not leading to the desired outcome:

    me: why do i feel terrible brain: coffee is not a food group brain: eat a vegetable brain: sleep me: guess we'll never know brain: oh my god

    7. When you have to make phone calls:

    8. When you and your friends make huge discoveries:

    9. When you're grateful for the little wins:

    10. When you've mastered the art of suppressing feelings:

    11. When you discover the true pleasures of grocery shopping:

    The best part of being an adult is being able to go grocery shopping for easy mac, uncrustables, and a case of beer and no one can say no.

    12. And when no one can stop you from living your best life:

    13. When you occasionally check up on your childhood:

    14. When everyone around you seems to be surpassing you:

    DR.: you're going to feel a little bit of pressure. Ready? ME: yes DR.: your sister is younger but already has a career path & owns her home

    15. When you reward yourself for even the little things:

    16. When you drift in and out of mature conversations:

    17. When making new friends becomes more taxing than it was in the playground:

    18. When your life can be measured in a series of stressful emails:

    adulthood is emailing "sorry for the delayed response!" back and forth until one of you dies

    19. When you realise you were privileged to not do certain chores:

    20. When you aren't yet stable enough to support anyone else:

    21. When you're mature and articulate in debates:

    22. When your finances are a guessing game:

    23. And when you discover that some things are actually doable if you stop overthinking it: