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    17 Pictures That Prove Soulmates Are Real

    Ah, the perfect fit.

    1. These bookcases that fit perfectly in this trailer.

    2. This slice of salami shaped exactly like this slice of bread.

    3. This shadow that lines up with the lines on the ground.

    4. The way this cord fits into the crack.

    5. This glass that holds exactly one can of coke.

    6. This welcome mat that lines up precisely with the floor tiles.

    7. This mattress that fits perfectly in the doorframe.

    8. The way this Minion fits into the swirl.

    9. The way these ice cubes fit in this cup.

    10. This broom that fits into the gap.

    11. The way this wine glass fits into the circles on the tablecloth.

    12. The way the tap water fits perfectly through the sink hole.

    13. This squeegee that perfectly fits the window.

    14. The way the diameter and depth of this melon exactly matches the bowl's dimensions.

    15. The way this wrapping paper lines up exactly right.

    16. This shadow that lines up with corner of the tiles on the ground.

    17. The way these tater tots complete a puzzle.

    H/T r/OddlySatisfying & r/MildlyInteresting

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