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16 Things Every Sydneysider Experiences On A Newtown Night Out.

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1. When you're getting ready to go out and want to make sure you fit in with the Newtown dress code.


2. When you're broke AF so you kick the night off with cheap wine in Campo park.


3. When you're on the Zanzibar rooftop and there's one of those ~sunsets~

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4. When you remember that Newtown has no lockout laws.

Warner Bros Television

5. When you over indulge in cocktail jugs at Bank.

HBO / New Line Cinema

6. And then end up stumbling over to Kelly's just..because.

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7. Then you head outside and continue walking up King Street.


8. There's that moment you walk past Black Sheep.


9. Then you stop for the inevitable kebab break.


And / or pizza.

10. That's if somebody hasn't already suggested swinging by Mary's.

Screen Gems

11. When you're at Newtown Hotel with the squad and your jam comes on.

Youtube - Kanye west

12. When someone cuts in front of you in the line at Marley.


13. And when the bouncer asks you how much you've had to drink tonight.


"Just a few mate"

14. When you order some fried chicken from Miss Peaches.

15. Then end up downstairs at Tokyo Sing Song.

20th Century Fox

16. And when it's finally time for that "walk" home.

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