Sydney Had A Spectacular Sunset And It Almost Broke The Internet

It happens every day. Just not quite like this.

1. So, Sydney had a pretty amazing sunset tonight.

2. Like even more amazing than usual.

3. See?

4. It started off golden…

5. Went a little pink…

6. Pink fading to blue…

7. Started turning purple…

8. Orange…



11. Pretty much everyone in Sydney who was outside took a photo…

12. And uploaded it to Instagram.

13. Whether they were driving…

14. Watching people driving…

15. Or on a train.

Twitter went into meltdown…

'sunset' is now trending in #Sydney

— TrendsSydney (@Trendsmap Sydney)

16. Some people were trapped indoors.

Sydney sunset from my office

— BUSINESSricardo (@Ricardo Goncalves)


Look at my great view of the #sunset #nofilter

— JennaGuillaume (@Jenna Guillaume)

18. They weren’t going to miss out though.

19. Those with a window seat thanked their lucky stars.

20. Those outside even more so…

Have a look at this one from listener Anthony. I think I want to write some poetry. #sydneysunset @NewsTalk2UE

— JustinSmith954 (@Justin Smith)

Elsewhere in Australia, people were pretty unimpressed.

Melbourne is better than Sydney, because we tweet about more interesting banal events #sunset

— chriscorneschi (@Christopher C)

Twitter: The only place you can see a Sydney #sunset from 200 vantage points, and live in Brisbane.

— Cuff_S (@Sonia Cuff)

Can I just say the sunset in Melbourne was adequate tonight? That deserves some buzzfeed love. "23 of Melbourne's Most Adequate Sunsets"

— AlyceHogg (@Alyce Hogg)

Others took the piss.

That sunset was amazing #sydneysunset

— chris_khouryy (@Chris Khoury)

Sydney quickly struck back.

A lot of sunset envy coming out of Melbourne, where the sun has not risen in months.

— michaelkoziol (@Michael Koziol)

21. Mark the date.

#sunset over #sydney tonight. Great colours! #sydneysunset #pana4

— t_panagopoulos (@Theo Panagopoulos)

22. Monday 28 July 2014.

Another shot of today's #sunset in Sydney

— andrew_sf (@Andrew Hill)

23. Where were you for The Great Sydney Sunset?

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