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    34 Ways To Make Your Bedroom The Best Room In The House

    Lovely tips, DIYs, and products that'll make you never want to leave your room.

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    1. ~Roll~ a cart organizer into your life and to make your stuff easy to find, or to make your decor really pop!

    the rolling cart organizer in yellow

    2. Surround your bed with the privacy of a bed tent for a super cozy vibe. Whether you're autistic like me or trying to hide from the cat pouncing on you at 3 a.m. (or both!) a bed tent is an excellent way to help you sleep soundly.

    the pink bed tent over a twin bed with an unzipped entrance

    3. Make life-changing alterations and upgrades to your bedroom space with a roll of granite wallpaper. Trust me, you can instantly fancy-up end tables, shelves, vanities, and more — for a fraction of the price a real granite makeover would cost!

    4. And while you're at it, check out 23 projects you can make with granite wallpaper. You just might be inspired to make lovely and easy decor creations for your room!

    a small storage tray table with marble adhesive on it

    5. Install these quick, easy, and durable floating shelves to declutter your space or create a decor area in your room.

    a reviewer's photo of the two shelves hanging above each other holding a sign that says "home" and a wreath

    6. Slap a hypoallergenic bamboo mattress pad on top of your bed so you have a more breathable and cool place to rest.

    The pad on a mattress, staged in a room

    7. And stow seasonal items and summer wardrobes in under-the-bed storage containers to keep your room as tidy as possible. No one will even know these are there, except you, of course!

    the clear storage bin peeking out from under a bed

    8. Transform your bedroom closet into an office nook with this step-by-step guide from Homemade By Carmona. If you've been in need of a major WFH space upgrade, this could be the right move for you — and you can store your wardrobe on a freestanding clothing rack!

    a desk, office chair, and shelves in a closet

    9. Or craft your very own industrial folding table with a step-by-step tutorial. I, for one, have a bedroom without a closet at all, and I know I could use a folding workspace station 👀.

    the DIY industrial folding table with a wooden surface and metal legs

    10. And download a free weekly planner printable you can pin above your desk to keep track of school assignments, work meetings, and other plans for the week.

    a weekly planner printable with space for each day of the week

    11. Cover every window in your bedroom with an excellent set of blackout curtains. They block out sunlight and dampen sound to help you get the peace and quiet you deserve. And they have over 26,000 5-star reviews 👀.

    the blackout curtains in gray over a window

    12. Then, once your room is nice and dark, turn on a galaxy projector that'll *really* transform your room into an otherworldly place. Reviewers say this helps them slip into a calm state of mind.

    the blue and grey version of the galaxy light over a bed

    13. Or rest your eyes and your thoughts on a cute lil' color-changing LED light cloud that'll ~cirrusly~ make your bedroom a magical place to be.

    14. Fill your room with rainbow light when the sun filters through by putting a no-glue privacy window film on your windows. And FYI, 33,000 people gave this easy-to-install film a 5-star review.

    a reviewer's photo of the privacy window film with colorful light streaming through a large window

    15. Grab your tools and add a chic bench to the end of your bed by following this step-by-step mid-century bench DIY.

    a photo collage of the wooden bench being made

    16. Cozy up in bed with an adorable dino throw blanket. This hand-woven gem will have you *Tyranno-snoring* in no time!

    a person holding up the dino throw blanket with fringe ends

    17. Improve the air quality in your bedroom big time with an ozone-free Levoit air filter. This little baby has a three-stage filtration system and the ability to circulate air over four times per hour.

    Black and white cat sitting next to white air purifier

    18. Organize your makeup to take your collection from chaos and messy to calm and tidy in no time. Not to mention it'll free up more room on your vanity!

    BuzzFeed Editor AnaMaria Glavan's makeup organizer on a bathroom countertop neatly holding various makeup products

    19. Swap out your white-light halogen, fluorescent, or LED light bulbs for bulbs that give off a warmer-tone light, because no one wants to feel like they are staring into the desert sun at midday when they step into their own bedroom.

    an Edison bulb

    20. Stuff pesky cables into a handy wire organizer to tidy up the WFH station or the TV area of your bedroom. I'm in need of a satisfying solution like this for my projector and phone charger cables in my bedroom 👀.

    21. Or better yet, do it yourself by storing wires in a wire basket under your desk. The full from In My Own Style tutorial is below!

    22. Subscribe to a monthly box of goodies to ensure your room is always filled with everything you need to wind down. Authentic Books is an awesome option for readers looking for a truly immersive experience. They send you wellness products that engage all five of your senses in theme with that month's book! Peace, quiet, and reading time anyone?

    Books, herbal tea, chocolate bars, a candle, and dried flowers on a table top

    23. Light up your desk with a vintage-style pastel lamp, because your bedroom deserves as much practical and adorable decor as it can possibly handle.

    six pastel colored lamps on a white desk

    24. Light a clean-burning lemongrass candle to relax and unwind in your room. This candle is made from a blend of coconut and soy wax with no phthalate fragrances, and it boasts 50 hours of burn time.

    the lemongrass candle on with a drawing of a figure holding a glass of wine and sitting cross-legged

    25. Or, learn how to make your own beeswax candles if you prefer an unscented vibe, plus you'll have the "I did it myself" bragging rights!

    26. Stop your habit of leaving dirty clothes all over your room with an extra hamper you can hang on the wall or door. That's more floor space for you, and it has a handy zipper on the bottom to get those clothes right into the washer on laundry day.

    27. Make sure you have the right pillow on your bed, depending on the way you like to sleep, because side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers all need different kinds of support!

    a person sleeping while cradling a pillow

    28. Comfort yourself with a weighted blanket when you're feeling stressed or ready to call it a night. Reviewers who struggle to slip into a deep sleep due to anxiety, stress, or night terrors swear by it. The comfort of the weight helps all types of people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

    the weighted blanket in blue

    29. Wake up gradually every morning by setting a sunrise alarm clock. It's an amazing little device that mimics the calming light of sunrise to wake you up slowly — ideal for those of us who are dedicated to the art of waking up gently!

    reviewer photo showing sunrise alarm clock "lit up"

    30. Create a cozy little nook for yourself with hammock chair and a cute throw pillow cover so you can read or watch a movie from somewhere that isn't your bed!

    Reviewer pic of the circular macrame hammock chair hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room.

    31. Enjoy essential oil aroma wafting through your room by adding a galaxy-style diffuser to your nightstand. The mesmerizing LED lights will help make your bedroom a relaxing place to be.

    Orb-shaped diffuser with blue and green galaxy-style LED lights

    32. Add a pop of color to your walls with an adorable neon cat light I may or may not be in love with. Those little whiskers just scream "welcome to the vibe cave."

    a purple neon light in the shape of a cat

    33. Give your bedroom a big dose of squish with this adorable seal pillow. You — and I cannot stress this enough — will *not* be able to put down. I have this bby and it is so comfy I often use it as a pillow!

    a reviewer's photo of the seal pillow on their bed

    34. And workout from the comfort of your own room with a freestanding pull-up bar and dip station. If you've used one of these before, you already know it'll give core, chest, bicep, and many more muscles a stellar workout!

    You loving life in your bedroom:

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