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    More Than 5,000 People Swear By This $14 Makeup Organizer

    If you have a crap-ton of makeup (and nowhere to put it), this organizer will genuinely change your life. Dramatic? Yes. But true? Also yes.

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    Things I have: a ton of makeup. Things I don't have: organizational skills and a ton of space.


    I have so many bags full of makeup that I don't even know what products I have anymore. Everything is a huge, giant mess — my lipsticks, eyeliners, foundations, brushes, and all the other fruits of my Sephora shopping labors are always just sort of just scattered everywhere.

    Well, they were, that is, until a few months ago. What changed? I bought a fantastic (and inexpensive) organizer that solved all my makeup storage woes.

    I first 👀 spotted 👀 this two-piece acrylic makeup organizer on Amazon while doing product research for a post — and for only $13.95, I figured, eh, may as well try it out.

    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    And honestly? I'm not exaggerating when I say this thing is the best investment ever.

    ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT — let's talk about why I love it so damn much.

    This nifty little organizer looks beautiful, can fit ALL of my everyday makeup, and (drumroll please) it keeps clutter at bay in my bathroom — which is extremely tiny, BTW.

    I can fit so 👏 damn 👏 much 👏 inside of this four-drawerd thing. Here are all the products that I currently have in there: 32 lipsticks, six blushes and bronzers, two large highlighter sticks, one foundation bottle, three concealers, two contouring sticks, two rollerball perfumes, two primers, and the bottom drawer contains so many lip pencils, eyeliners, and eyeshadow sticks that I actually didn't even bother counting (but I'm going to guess AT LEAST 30 of them, I swear).* If you have A TON OF MAKEUP (which I do), then you may still have to store some extra stuff in your bags — but either way, this container holds SO much.

    But the real winner winner chicken dinner here? I have easy access to all the makeup I use every single day and can see all of it at once. I don't have to dig around the bottomless pit that is one of my many, many makeup bags anymore — I just have to open and close a drawer.

    *I keep my mascara and makeup brushes in a mason jar because I think it looks cute, which is why I don't store it in this organizer. I also have a ton of palettes but I also keep them stacked in one of my cabinets. HOWEVER, you could definitely fit all those products inside as well.

    Don't believe me when I tell you that this is the best thing ever? FINE, I DON'T CARE.* You can believe the other 5,300+ people who swear by it instead.

    *Okay, fine, maybe my ego is slightly bruised.

    "This product is I have so much makeup and I thought there was no way that this organizer would fit it all — but it really does fit almost all of my makeup! This thing has seriously changed my life. My makeup is so organized, and I no longer have to search through my drawers looking for products and wasting my time anymore." —Amazon Customer

    "My package arrived today and I couldn't be any happier with this purchase! This set is beautiful, well organized, and super convenient — anyone with a makeup collection who's tired of using a stuffed makeup bag should DEFINITELY purchase this. It's so worth the money! Plus, it was packaged really nicely so nothing was damaged upon arrival." —xoSilvinaxo

    "I love this makeup organizer! I bought it over a year ago; it's still in perfect condition and holds all of my important makeup. The transparent design looks really cute on my vanity table, and my friends are constantly asking me where I got it. Plus, it comes with little black protective mats for the drawers that keep everything clean and prevent makeup from moving around!" —Lina F.

    "This is exactly what I needed! I was so sick of having all of my makeup and face stuff dispersed into different bags and drawers, and I knew I needed a long-term solution. This organizer is just so perfect: it holds everything I need to get my game face on for the day, and it still fits on my super-small counter top." —Halon

    Plus, the organizer itself is the perfect size. It's super easy to fit on your sink's countertop — or wherever the heck else you want to store it.

    Need this thing in your life? Understandable. Get it from Amazon for $13.95.

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