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    Just 21 Things Ideal For Anyone Whose Middle Name Is "Organize"

    *causally reorganizes my entire life twice a month*

    1. An accordion organizer in a cute pastel color of your choice to keep your papers and files neat and tidy.

    a person putting a lavender folder on the shelf with other accordion folders

    2. A large storage ottoman you can use to tuck away blankets, spare towels, shoes, and other items at the foot of your bed.

    the storage ottoman with a blanket and shoes inside

    3. A tea bag organizer that'll give you big kitchen makeover vibes once you get rid of all the tea bags cluttering the counter!

    4. A simple and elegant earring hanging system ideal for anyone with a penchant for earrings — now you'll have space for your entire collection and then some!

    many pairs of earrings hanging on the wooden and mesh organizer

    5. A steering wheel desk to create a mess-free way to eat in the car, or a comfortable on-the-go working station. Please only use this while parked people!

    Customer review photo of a meal on the desk

    6. A clever storage box disguised as books reviewers use to store cable boxes and messy wires, so there is truly not a single unsightly corner of your home to be found.

    the shelf appearing as a stack of used books on a counter, with an image showing the storage space behind the books

    7. A sturdy entryway shelf that'll help you stay in the habit of hanging your coat up and bringing the mail in every time you come home.

    the brown shelf with four coat hooks hanging on the wall

    8. A dotted planner reviewers absolutely swear by for getting their life in order. It has sections for meeting your goals, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning, space to journal, and will help you be even more efficient with color-coded pens.

    9. A storage box for your makeup and beauty products to call home, not to mention the counter space it'll save.

    the clear storage box in a reviewer's bathroom

    10. A mountain range shelf complete with a little drawer and snowy peaks to complete the look of your tidy and adorable bedroom.

    the wooden shelf with three triangles shaped like a mountain range and a drawer inside one of the triangles

    11. A weekly pill organizer with seperate sections for various times of the day to ensure you don't forget to take your meds/vitamins!

    a person taking a daily set of pills with separate sections for each day out of the set

    12. An outlet shelf that'll *lift* your personal grooming products off the counter and near a charging station where they belong.

    13. A wall-mounted organizer set you'll just peel and stick on a wall to create a study space or workspace in no time.

    a corkboard, calendar, whiteboard, and weekly note pad hung on the wall

    14. An over-the-door storage basket you can use for a trash receptacle, or to store your trash bags/kitchen wraps.

    15. A large plastic storage bin designed to tuck away extra bedding, shirts, sweaters, holiday decor items, and whatever else you can make fit!

    the clear bin with purple latches storing a blanket and sheet set in a bedroom

    16. A U-shaped shelf so you can get to cooking in the most orderly and efficient way possible. Bye, cluttered cabinet and hello, organization.

    17. A set of picture-hanging Command strips to showcase your memories without leaving marks on the wall, according to satisfied reviewers.

    a person hanging a picture on a wall with the command strips

    18. A set of clear stretchable food covers that'll let you store all sorts of leftovers without hassling through the Tupperware cupboard.

    the food covers stretched across a watermelon and other fruits, vegetables, and containers of leftovers

    19. A cascading wall organizer so you can stop piling papers on top of your desk and hang them up on the wall instead!

    20. A gorgeous bookshelf that'll store books, candles, vases, and other items as part of your chic decor.

    the golden bookcase holding candles and books

    21. And a shower curtain with quick-dry mesh pockets ideal for anyone who wants an easy way to create more storage space for their bath products.

    the shower curtain with bath accessories stored in the pockets

    You looking around at how organized your life is:

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