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    Just 18 Non-Phallic Sex Toys Anyone Will Thirst After

    All kinds of toys in all kinds of shapes.

    1. A glass dildo wand featuring a pretty handle to keep things ~rosy~ while you go for the big O!

    a person holding the bulbous glass dildo in their hand

    2. A stellar dildo designed for internal stimulation and external massage, so you can easily make all your intergalactic dreams and fantasies *come* true.

    3. A 7-inch silicone dildo with a curvy shape reviews swear by for an extremely satisfying time.

    a hand holding the slightly-curved dildo

    4. A custom bird-shaped dildo that'll give you a ride unlike any other, and an orgasm you won't soon forget. You can choose nearly any color combo you'd like plus customize the firmness of your toy!

    three of the toys which are slightly bird-shaped

    5. An 8-inch wooden dildo that is smooth, polished, and made of four types of wood, so you can take this uniquely-shaped bby on an extra hard ride and give a whole new meaning to the phrase "morning wood."

    the smooth wooden toy with a flared base, curve in the middle, and rounded top

    6. An insertable Kegel ball vibrator with a remote control to give you power over the 10 different frequencies and three vibration intensities. This vibe will take you straight to pleasure town and strengthen your muscles for more powerful orgasms at the same damn time!

    a hand holding the cat-shaped silicone vibe and remote

    7. A simple 5-inch dildo with a suction cup base and strap-on compatibility so you can stick this toy in the shower for a solo sesh and use it on your partner later, if that's the kinda day you aspire to have.

    a hand holding the black smooth dildo

    8. A glass sword dildo for anyone who takes the quest to end the orgasm gap seriously, and personally.

    the black sword dildo with a textured end on one side and bulbous shapes on the other

    9. An eggplant vibe inspired by the naughtiest emoji there is. This toy is perfect for anyone who doesn't want too much length (4.8 inches) but still wants to hit all the right spots!

    10. And a customizable suction cup tentacle dildo to give you layers of texture when you play with this baby in the shower.

    the blue and pink textured tongue toy next to a soda can

    11. A custom rhombus dildo for anyone who wants to choose the colors, firmness, and pattern of their new favorite toy.

    three of the rhombus toys, two with textured bumps on the side

    12. A stainless-steel fun wand offering smooth penetration and G/P spot stimulation, so you can go *extra hard* without a single peen in sight.

    a hand holding the fun wand with bulbous shapes throughout the toy

    13. A weighted curved dildo featuring silky smooth silicone over weighty metal because we all deserve the best of both worlds. According to reviewers, if you like your toys hefty, you won't be able to put this babe down.

    a hand holding the smooth purple dildo

    14. An investment-worthy vibrating G-spot dildo with a powerful motor and squishy bulb that just might make you cum like you've never cum before!

    a person holding the vibrator above their legs in a bath

    15. An adorable radish-themed glass wand to ensure you are getting your daily dose of veggies in the best way possibile, or fruit if you prefer bananas!

    16. A customizable wave dildo you'll use to rock your world and bring on the waves of pleasure.

    three of the wavy toys with a flared base

    17. A sleek 7-inch dildo with a gentle curve that'll have you biting your lip and *coming* back for more! This toy has an extra-thick base for strap-on possibilities 👀.

    the blue curved silicone dildo

    18. And a nonporous, glossy wooden dildo out to prove we all deserve a good ~finish~.

    a hand holding four of the wooden toys with wooden logs in the background

    How it feels knowing new sex toys are on their way to your door:

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