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    22 Home Storage Solutions To Try In 2021 That Aren’t Just Giant Plastic Tubs

    All sorts of storage products for your home.

    1. A handy three-compartment lid organizer to turn that kitchen drawer mess into organizational heaven.

    the lid organizer holding many different sized lids

    2. An easy-to-install overhead garage storage solution that'll help you make space of every inch of your garage! This unit is sturdy enough to hang things underneath it as well.

    3. A broom and tool holder I need to add to my cart so I can get a "before" and "after" shot of my own messy, crowded storage closet.

    a before shot of a cluttered broom corner and after shot of brooms and mops hanging from the tool holder

    4. An under-the-desk storage shelf to help you effortlessly tuck away clutter and keep your workspace tidy.

    a metal shelf holding books and other items discreetly under a desk

    5. A cute and compact toiletries organizer for anyone who is tired of shoving their skincare products into plastic bags every time you go away for the weekend. These babes are sturdy enough for home and travel!

    6. A sturdy kitchen rack with a built-in cutting board so you can store all your pupper's stuff in one place, or finally get the Instant Pot and toaster off the kitchen counter because that space is precious.

    7. Vacuum storage bags to help you tuck away your summer clothes 'til next year, or take extra bedding from big fluffy mess to organized and compressed.

    a before and after shot of closet stuff with blankets and the closet organized with blankets in the space saver bags

    8. Drawer organizer inserts that just may be exactly what you need to transform your messy underwear drawer into the land of paired socks and color-coordinated undies!

    the drawer inserts organizing underwear bras and other clothing

    9. A clever slide-out storage tower to give you plenty of storage space where there was once none at all!

    the shelf pulled out from a crevice

    10. A shower curtain with quick-dry mesh pockets that will keep your soap and loofahs stored and safe away from water ⁠— where they are likely to last way longer!

    the shower curtain in use

    11. A Lego brick store cube you'll actually want laying around in the kid's room because they can store actual Lego bricks inside (and away from everyone's feet).

    12. A genius tea bag organizer, because there's little point in sipping stress relief tea if it takes you 10 minutes to find the tea bag you want...

    the tea bag organizer in use

    13. A two-tier kitchen corner shelf that'll turn that one corner of the kitchen where the toaster lives into a multitude of storage options.

    a reviewer's photo of the shelf in their kitchen with a toaster under it

    14. An adorable rainbow hanging pod I'm obsessed with and am ordering in every color, thanks!

    four rainbow pods of various colors hanging from a rack

    15. A 24-pocket shoe organizer that can also be a handy way to store extra pantry items, toiletries, electronics, and more!

    a series of reviewer photos showing the organizer holding shoes, electronics, pantry items, and cleaning supplies

    16. A U-shaped shelf rack here to take the chaos out of the way you store your spices. These shelves stack on top of each other, and you can customize the height to accommodate various size bottles.

    17. A super sturdy, foldable, stackable container with a metal frame you can rely on. Idk about you, but I need these in my closet and under my bed ASAP for fall sweaters!

    the container in use with folded clothes inside of it

    18. A two-in-one pet feeder that'll store your pup's food until dinner time.

    19. An over-the-door storage basket you can use for a trash receptacle, or to store your trash bags/kitchen wraps.

    20. An extra-wide dresser with fabric bins pretty enough to store in the bathroom for towels, and small enough to fit under hanging clothes in the closet!

    a reviewer's photo of the dresser in use

    21. A set of organizer hangers designed to hold onto shirts, tank tops, leggings, and other items that can be hard to store.

    22. And a lift-top coffee table with storage drawers and compartments underneath, so you can maximize your living space in a way that makes sense for you.

    You efficiently storing everything in your home:

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