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    25 Amazing Gifts That Give Back

    Sweaters, throw blankets, candles, jewelry, chocolates, and tons more gifts that all give back to worthy causes.

    1. An "it's ok not to be ok" enamel rainbow pin that'll help those struggling with their mental health feel supported and seen.

    a pin that says "it's ok not to be ok" in rainbow lettering

    2. A pair of adorable, nickel-free celestial star earring studs your giftee will love even more knowing their gift gave back to youth literacy.

    a pair of blue and white celestial stud earrings with pine tree branches

    3. A box of This Saves Lives dark chocolate snack bars to stock all the stockings with this holiday. Every purchase sends food to children in need.

    4. A Phenomenally Indigenous shirt or Phenomenally Trans shirt that'll uplift the Indigenous and trans* folks in your life, and it gives back to worthy causes.

    5. A gift box of Jcoco's full line of chocolate bars friends, family, and coworkers will swoon over. They'll get to try ten scrumptious chocolate flavors and your purchase gives fresh food to folks in need.

    the box of chocolates with 10 colorful one-ounce bars

    6. A monthly Earthlove subscription to jump-start your loved one's journey to living a more eco-conscious life, or help them find new sustainable products — this box is packed full of goodies that give back to our planet!

    an activity book, box of tea, eco dish scrubber, and other wellness items

    7. A quarter zip Parks Project snap fleece inspired by the Redwoods so your giftee will have the perfect sweater for all their outdoor adventures.

    two models wearing the green color-blocked sweater

    8. A gentle 45-minute Sing For Hope movement for mobility class designed for folks who are mobility impaired. The class is taught seated, and each purchase gives back to working artists and communities in need.

    a group of people taking a movement class

    9. An inspiring "Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger" sweater serving all the cozy and heart-warming feels a person could ask for.

    a model wearing the sweater

    10. A cozy cable knit scarf from St. Jude's gift shop to help your giftee feel appreciated and stay cozy this winter.

    the cream-colored scarf with a St. Jude emblem on it

    11. A 1,000 piece puzzle set ideal for anyone whose idea of fun is sushi, puzzles, and more sushi.

    the puzzle featuring three hands, sushi, trinkets, and accessories on a bright red background

    12. A comfy juniper hoodie or golden spruce hoodie that is sustainably made and gives back to the environment by planting a tree for every purchase!

    13. A good intention necklace on an adujustable 16 inch gold chaing to uplift and empower someone special with affirming words.

    a model wearing the necklace that reads "strength" on a gold chain

    14. A four-pack festive patterned Bomba socks that'll keep your giftee warm on cold winter mornings. They'll feel warmth in their heart as well knowing that one pair purchase = one pair donated.

    15. A monthly Betsy Rocks Box Jewelry subscription for anyone who would appreciate hand-crafted jewelry delivered right to their door, with proceeds going towards the ALS association.

    a necklace with matching bracelet and earrings

    16. A hand-poured soy candle boasting 40+ hour burn time and scrumptious, cozy scents. Animal lovers will be over the moon with this candle because it helps precious rescue pups.

    a cinnamon stick soy candle on a wooden table with cinnamon sticks next to it

    17. A Marsha P Johnson mug featuring the history and legacy of Marsha P Johnson (who fought for Black trans* folks and the gender diverse community) on the back of the mug. Or a support trans futures tank because every single trans* person deserves a future.

    18. A Sing For Hope personalized singing gram (delivered through Zoom) to make their holiday memorable and special, because nothing spreads cheer like a Broadway or opera star singing directly to you!

     a person singing into a microphone

    19. A Coloring Without Borders coloring and activity book whose proceeds help support Families Belong Together. The book is filled with interactive pages designed by over 80 artists, and there are no lines children have to worry about staying within.

    20. The Butter Box subscription ready to deliver tons of luxury bath and body products each month for your giftee to carve out some serious "me time." This box gives back to children in Ghana who are in need of clean drinking water.

    two body butters, a whisk, and an extra-large bath bomb

    21. An ideal trans pride riot shirt to gift to all the queer qts you protested with this year. Proceeds go towards Black Lives Matter and supporting homeless LGBTQIA+ youth.

    a model wearing the T-shirt with a blue, pink, and white fist surrounded by the words "the first pride was a riot"

    22. A scrumptious tiramisu cake or set of candy cane butter cookies ideal for those last-minute gifts — Bake Me A wish guarantees overnight shipping delivery, and a portion of the proceeds go towards small businesses affected by COVID.

    23. A Bliss plush throw you just may have to buy for every person on your gift list — according to reviewers, they are that cozy! And they help provide winter coats to kids in need.

    the throw blankets in various patterns and colors

    24. A Daily Dose leave-in conditioner designed with every hair type in mind. This vegan formula delivers hydration and nourishment to hair with ingredients such as aloe and coconut oil. It also gives a daily dose of clean water to communities in need.

    25. And a Puppy Paws Coffee and Company subscription so they can sip their morning coffee and read about the animal rescue organization their gift gave back to. Goodies for the dog are also included in every box!

    a pitbull-themed French roast with a rope toy in a box

    Your giftee's face when they realize their gift gives back:

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