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    32 Exceptionally Weird Things I Bet You'll Enjoy

    "Truly exquisite. Arrived in like two days, which was perfect for my last minute worm emergency."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mini leaf clutch with a cicada to ensure you're sending "sits in a tree all day and screams" vibes wherever you go!

    a hand holding the leaf clutch with a cicada bug in the center of it

    2. A monthly subscription to Kernel Crate out to prove that one person's nightmare popcorn flavor is another's person's dream — you'll receive flavors like strawberry lemonade, pickle, and ghost pepper kettle corn, just to name a few! 😋

    3. A slime-plushie who will remind you of your fave Pokémon Ditto and be there when you need a friend to squeeze.

    a hand squeezing the lavender slime plushie

    4. A bumper bubble so you can run around and bump into your friends and family and not give a heck how wild you look.

    5. Matter, a monthly science subscription that delivers the world's strangest stuff to your door. It's part museum, part lab project, and it will give you satisfying Dexter's Laboratory-esque experiment times!

    an array of fossils, test tubes, stones, and scientific objects

    6. A beautiful and majestic Mothman plushie for all my rural babies out there who grew up believing (AND STILL BELIEVE TYVM) in the power of the moth. He be glowing!

    a white glowing moth man figure with big black eyes

    7. A pair of bacon and egg earrings for anyone who needs to bask in their love for breakfast food as much as humanly possible while we are living this glorious life.

    the fried egg and bacon earrings on a wooden table top

    8. A set of slime cat stickers to help inspire your pet cat to greatness.

    a sheet of five green slime cat stickers and a pet cat

    9. A farting animals coloring book that'll help you unwind at the end of each day by coloring in some animals and their lovely assorted toot clouds.

    10. A bright and gorgeous pillow cover so you can add some personality to the couch or your room!

    a Valfre character in the nude posing with various fruits on an orange and white checkered pillow

    11. And a Nicholas Cage sequin pillow that'll bring huge amounts of joy into your life as you veil and unveil this beautiful face in a variety of completely normal ways. Don't deny yourself this.

    12. A set of stickers you'll use to embrace your inner weirdo and affinity for all things awkward.

    the sticker set with a rose sticker that says "weirdo," an "awkward" sticker with cute clouds, an "I need my space" sticker and others

    13. An extremely romantic hot dog ring completely worthy of popping the big question to the one you love.

    a small hot dog on a ring in a black box

    14. A banana plushie filled with smaller monkey plushies so you can satisfy your cravings for plushie-inception.

    a banana plushie filled with smaller monkey plushies inside

    15. A set of three pickle soaps to keep things weird as you wash up your hands for supper, which may or may not be more pickles.

    five of the soap pickles spilling out of a mason jar

    16. And a yodeling pickle because naturally, this is what the world needs more of right now.

    the plastic pickle toy

    17. A screaming goat who will be there for you whenever you need to bleat through daily frustrations, which, if you're me, is all the time!

    the screaming toy goat and a small pocket guide

    18. And a goat horn coffee cup you can attach to a bag or wear over your shoulder when you need to sling some bean juice on-the-go.

    the goat-horn shaped coffee cup in a travel strap attached to a bag

    19. A pair of monster slippers that'll help everyone in the house party like ya'll are the stars of Monsters Inc.

    20. And a Cryptid Crate subscription out to satisfy any cryptozoologist's cravings for adventure and mystery with their paranormal-themed goodies!

    a Cryptid Crate box with a winter hat, pair of socks with bigfoot skiing on them, and other bigfoot themed items

    21. A tub of Elizavecca carbonated clay mask that'll make your next spa night a bubbly, tickly, exfoliating experience you won't soon forget. If you've ever wanted to send your bestie repeated snaps pretending to be Shrek, now is your time.

    22. A writhing ball of worms (complete with realistic slime!) looking for a forever home. Your other pets will adore them and you can all snuggle together.

    23. An adorable Baby Yoda Chia Pet you'll grow into your very own lil' plant baby, and you can hold them as you watch your favorite Grogu moments.

    a chia pet in the shape of The Child in a pram

    24. And an alien baby perfect for anyone whose preferred alien aesthetic involves a bit more horror and slime.

    the alien doll in a glass jar with green slime

    25. A journal filled with colorful and understanding friends who will encourage you to be as weird as you want and make lots of messes in the process.

    26. A variety of cat paw furniture socks to make sure your furniture passes the vibe check and doesn't scratch the floor in the process.

    a reviewer photo of the orange cat paw furniture socks on a stool

    27. A giant bread loaf pillow you may be able to acquire via meme, if you have a generous friend group. Embrace the squishy loaf and feel the stress *leavening* your body.

    28. A Dr. Pimple Popper's game so you can squeeze the gunk out of someone else's face for once, a joy and a pleasure!

    the face in the game with a person pulling the pimples out

    29. A birthday balloon and personalized message in a box you can send to a friend. They also have a cute Miss You balloon and a heart eyes balloon, so you can send out balloons for all sorts of occasions like a clown who is WFH.

    30. And an inflatable unicorn hat for your cat so they can join in on the party!

    31. A realistic seal pillow who is ready to bring some seriously adorable chonkster vibes to your living room.

    a reviewer's photo of the seal pillow on their bed

    32. And a keyboard cleaning gel that is by far the most fun way to get grime and dog hair off of your work computer once and for all!

    You just vibing:

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