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    33 Camping Products You Can Use In Cold Weather

    Sleeping bags, four-season tents, cozy cots, and other gear to keep you warm.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Coleman sleeping bag you'll count on in cold weather and easily pack up when it's time to head home.

    2. A portable LED camping lantern you won't have to worry about getting rain, sleet, or snow on because it's totally waterproof! Not to mention the battery lasts up to 30 hours.

    the collapsible lantern with water droplets on it

    3. A four-season tent reviewers swear by for holding up in the snow thanks to its steep walls and waterproof design. It's also UV-resistant!

    4. A pair of Carhartt cold weather boots socks you can slap on your feet to keep them cozy while you sleep or hit the trails.

    the cold weather sock in a green, gray, and orange color-blocked pattern

    5. A Dutch oven and cast-iron cooking tripod so you can cook, stew, bake, and make morning pancakes over a camp fire with ease.

    6. A mountaineering aura sleeping bag that's water-resistant and designed to keep you warm through freezing temps and beyond!

    the gray mummy-shaped sleeping bag with the blue

    7. A warm Carhartt hat for anyone who loves to sleep with a hat on for extra warmth on frigid nights (me).

    a reviewer wearing the charcoal gray hat in frigid temperatures

    8. A pack of wax-based fire starters that'll help you get a fire going in no time, plus the burning pine and flowers will add a sweet aroma to your next outdoor fire time.

    the wax-based fire starters with pine needles, twigs, and flowers

    9. A vacuum-insulated thermos to keep your food hot and ready to enjoy even when you're away from the campsite.

    10. An investment-worthy Pendleton National Parks blanket to throw over your sleeping bag for an extra-cozy layer. This blanket is made of pure wool and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

    the gray, brown, yellow, teal, white, and navy striped blanket

    11. A thermal underwear set to help you stay toasty at all times — a thermal base layer is essential for cold-weather camping IMO, and these sound soft enough to sleep in as well!

    12. And a set of fleece-lined thermal underwear that is lightweight yet warm enough to wear as a base layer while building a campfire.

    13. A portable fire pit for the camp house so the whole fam always has a personalized place to sit around the fire and relax.

    people sitting around the metal fire pit with a fire going at night

    14. A spacious and affordable Coleman tent reviewers say helped keep them warm when temps were in the teens.

    15. A pair of thermal sweatpants who are just as serious about keeping you comfy and toasty as you are — you might never take them off once you put them on!

    a model wearing the pants in gray

    16. A 15-degree F down sleeping bag you just may not want to crawl out of when you wake up to snowfall or a brutally windy day — because as long as you're snuggled up in this bad boy, you'll be toasty!

    17. And a warm foam sleeping pad you can stick under your sleeping bag, because why sleep on the cold hard ground when you can just..not?

    the foam pad

    18. A classic Stanley thermos that's vacuum insulated, rust-proof, made with stainless steel and BPA-free materials, and WILL keep hot drinks hot for up to 24 hours.

    a person pouring a hot beverage into the wide-mouth thermos

    19. And a stainless-steel Stanley pour-over ideal for those who prioritize the morning brew. No one should have to brave the elements without a hot cup of bean juice IMO.

    20. A pair of waterproof Ozonepark boots to help you trek to and from your campsite without frigid toes.

    the black boot with a chunky white rubber sole with grips on the bottom

    21. Hot Hands that'll warm up your hands (or stick them in your boots!) and help keep frost bite from ruining your life.

    a reviewer's photo of many hand warmers

    22. A windproof mummy sleeping bag designed to keep you warm way into the negatives. If you plan on camping out in extremely cold temps, this is the bag for you.

    the bright red and blue mummy-shaped sleeping bag

    23. A pair of investment-worthy lightweight snow shoes so you can stop stomping around in knee-deep snow banks and glide over them with grace instead!

    the blue snow shoes

    24. A pair of Darn Tough socks with a lifetime guarantee, so you can put these through the wringer and rest assured your feet will stay cozy, dry, and warm.

    two people wearing the socks with their feet up

    25. A pop-up ice fishing hub designed to keep the elements out of your shelter while you sit on the ice and fish.

    the bright red pop-up ice fishing hub

    26. A handy collapsible java drip that'll make delicious coffee accessible and arguably easier than ever, even if you're out in the backcountry. Just add a reusable filter, pour over your favorite java, and enjoy!

    the silicone coffee maker and lid

    27. A folding cushioned camping chair ideal for snuggling up in around the fire. Reviewers say it helps block cold air when it's chilly outside!

    28. A lightweight buff to keep the elements and chilly temps from freezing your face off!

    the gaiter in

    29. A down camping blanket that ~packs down~ into a tiny pouch to ensure it'll be with you on all your outdoor adventures.

    30. A durable and waterproof tent with rainfly clip buckles to keep you dry and content while you snooze away in the desert or woods.

    31. A cozy cot to get you up off the frozen ground and keep your sleeping bag in place while you rest.

    the aluminum-frame cot

    32. A simple but handy pack grill ideal for anyone who wants to make scrumptious meals over the fire for one or two people while in the outdoors.

    33. And a splurge-worthy roof-top tent rated for all four seaons. This baby has wall-to-wall padding and will give you an easy-peasy glamping experience you'll love!

    the sky rise tent on top of someone's pickup truck

    You and your friends camping in the snow:

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