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    26 Clever Kitchen Products That’ll Make You Say “I Need That”

    Everything in here makes me want to restock my entire kitchen.

    1. A two-in-one juicer/zester featuring a non-slip base and dishwasher-safe zesting plate that'll help you ~squeeze~ the day.

    2. A stove counter gap cover people swear by for keeping food from falling into the perilous gap between the stove and counter tops.

    3. A set of very smart racks designed to hold open plastic bags so you don't have to. Food prep just got way easier!

    4. A set of food savers that'll also double as jar lids and keep everything fresh and *avocontrol.*

    5. A stainless-steel kettle with a stay-cool wooden handle so you can safely pour a cup of tea with the water still boiling.

    6. A heavy-duty spiralizer that's super easy to use and easy to take apart for top-rack dishwashing — everyone at your next dinner party will want one!

    7. A collapsible colander ready to steam veggies, strain pasta, prevent water from boiling over, and collapse down to store.

    8. A set of reusable silicone baking cups for anyone who is tired of their cupcakes, egg bites, and other creations sticking in the oven.

    9. A dishwasher-safe adjustable measuring cup you'll use every time you're in need of a sticky ingredient. Measuring the peanut butter you need for this peanut butter swirl boxed brownie recipe has never been easier.

    10. A two piece oven grip you can ~depan~ on when you need to pick up a hot pan, adjust the baking racks in the oven, or cover a splattering pot!

    11. A garlic press to peel, slice, dice, grate, and store garlic and keep your hands odor free in the process.

    12. A handy kitchen scale so you can accurately measure ingredients and convert measurements without getting flour all over your keyboard as you Google how many ounces are in a pound for the 100th time.

    13. A breakfast sandwich maker for anyone who is tempted by breakfast sandwiches near and far (me), and needs a quick way to whip them up at home.

    14. A non-sick cast-iron grill pan that just may grill up the tastiest steak of all time, no outdoor grill needed.

    15. A pair of bear claws the whole family will want to try — these will shred up your pulled pork like a 600 lb. grizzly coming out of hibernation.

    16. A set of stainless-steel mixing bowls complete with handles, lids, and grating and slicing inserts so you never waste money on subpar bowls again.

    17. And a single mixing bowl with graters and slicers to ensure you can have at least one bowl to grate potots in for this sweet potato breakfast cup recipe; in case you've already committed to ~another~ set.

    18. An investment-worthy countertop garden that has everything you need to enjoy a variety of fresh herbs from home, even if you don't have space for an outdoor garden.

    19. A mess-free batter dispenser for anyone who wants to save time and make perfect cupcakes, muffins, pancakes, and more with ease.

    20. A small but mighty air fryer so you can indulge in crispy fries, homemade wings, frozen dumplings, roasted veggies, mozzarella sticks, and more fried goodies using hot air and little-to-no oil.

    21. A microwave-cleaning mama who shall clean even the dirtiest microwave with just a little bit of steam.

    22. And a microwave omelette maker that'll help you assemble an *eggcellent* breakfast when you're running late in the morning and have no time to wait for a pan to heat up.

    23. A clever cutting board with two pull-out drawers, because you deserve a place to hold veggies and scraps — not to mention it doubles as a fancy-looking cheese board!

    24. A wine, cider, or water infuser (depending on your mood) you'll pour worry-free drinks from; thanks to the leaf-proof lid.

    25. A cauliflower/broccoli stalk chopper for anyone who wants to be well on their way to garlic parmesan cauliflower bites for dinner.

    26. And a set of versatile beechwood utensils you can safely use on non-stick surfaces. Any spoon that can gently hold one single Brussel sprout to check if the rest are done is a good spoon.

    Cheers to a cleverly stocked kitchen!

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