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    26 Bath Products That People Actually Swear By

    These products are out to make your next bath the best bath.

    1. A jar of muscle ease bath salts made from Himalayan sea salt infused with eucalyptus, lime oil, and other extracts to soothe aches and help you relax.

    2. A full-length bath pillow designed to cushion your back, shoulders, neck, and tailbone, so sitting in the tub is 100% comfy, and getting in and out is easier.

    a reviewer photo of the cushion in the tub with a bath tray and bath bomb

    3. A sturdy, adjustable bamboo bath caddy so you can read a book, watch a movie, or enjoy a glass of wine hands-free in the tub — the ultimate luxury.

    a customer review photo of the bath tray holding a book and glass of wine over a bubble bath

    4. A set of 12 soothing bath bombs to make your bath water a super pretty color and inhale calming scents while in the tub!

    5. An exfoliating towel that'll ~smooth~ over rough patches on your shoulders and back, eliminate dead skin cells, and leave your skin soft and refreshed.

    a close-up photo of the green exfoliator

    6. And Bioderma shower oil to moisturize and cleanse your skin while you soak — reviewers with dry skin swear by it!

    7. A bamboo lemongrass skincare set that'll give you everything you need to feel fresh, clean, and pampered, minus everything you don't want — these products are paraben-, sulfate-, and mineral oil-free, and they do not have any synthetic-fragrance.

    the set of products with a washcloth, bamboo lemongrass body wash and moisturizer, and foaming body scrub

    8. A non-slip bath mat with drain holes that's quite simply the best bath mat you can buy, according to reviewers. It won't mold, it's machine washable, and it will keep you from slipping and sliding around the tub.

    a hand peeling back the bath mat with the colors of the mat below

    9. A bath overflow drain cover that'll keep that noisy drain cover covered, which means you can fill the tub up as much as you want!

    a reviewer photo of the customer's feet against the drain cover in a bubble bath

    10. Deep Steep's organic lavender chamomile bubble bath – it'll give you maximum bubbles and calming aromatic vibes.

    11. An extra plush faux fur bath mat that's human and pupper approved, so when it's time to get out of the bath you can indulge your feet in luxury for a few more minutes as you dry off. It's washing machine-safe too!

    a customer review photo of a dog on the white bath mat

    12. A set of three adorable Disney-themed bath toys to make bath time more fun and memorable for your little ones.

    13. A quick-drying, ultra-comfy muslin bath sheet (think luxurious bath towel but like...throw blanket-sized 😍) that just may have you swearing off regular towels for good. It's available for pre-order and shipping soon!

    a model walking outside wearing the white bath sheet with flower petals on the ground

    14. A practical Tub Shroom thousands of people swear by for collecting both human and pet hair in the tub before it goes down the drain; as great as baths are, they aren't worth a pricey plumbing bill.

    15. A razor with features like super-sharp blades, a water-activated serum, and a skin guard to help prevent razor burn and give you the smoothest shave ever.

    a razor with a blue handle on the side of a tub

    16. A set of 24 waterproof LED tea candles that'll float, so you can slip these in your bath water for added ambience.

    the tea candles

    17. An additive-free and scent-free organic bubble bath made with shea butter to smooth and soothe skin while you soak.

    up close shot of the bubble bath bottle and quote "If you're sensitive to all fragrance (even natural fragrances from essential oils), this unscented bubble bath is your best bet.

    18. A back-scrubbing loofah that's just the right texture (not too scratchy and not too soft) to exfoliate those areas you just can't reach otherwise, and get squeaky clean.

    a close-up of the back scrubber hanging in a bathroom

    19. A shimmery geode bath bomb to turn bath time into an interstellar experience — this bath bomb will make your bath water a beautiful shimmering, deep teal color!

    the geode-shaped bath bomb with crystals and shimmering colors on top

    20. A coconut milk bath soak that'll feel heavenly to steep in, and help you get the baby soft skin you deserve.

    21. And a shampoo brush scalp massager worth working into your bath time routine. It feels amaaaazing and will help you wind down even more while you soak, plus it just may help cut down dandruff and regrow hair!

    22. The Vnus Box – a Black-owned wellness and personal care box created specifically for women of color. It's packed with all-natural skincare products and affirmations, and it donates 20% of proceeds to nonprofit organizations that give back to the community.

    a person with the Vnus box in their lap which reads "you're allowed to scream, you're allowed to cry, but do not give up...your box"

    23. A handy adjustable bath toy organizer perfect for anyone who is sick of sitting on their kid's rubber ducky every time they try to have me-time in the tub.

    the bath organizer hanging over the tub and holding toys

    24. A refillable bottle of Bathing Culture body wash to help you soap up while you soak. It's made with organic ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and essential oils, and reviewers love it!

    a model holding the glass bottle of soap with a rainbow logo

    25. Dr. Teal's lavender, eucalyptus spearmint, and rosemary epsom salt bundle so you can feel like you're on a vacation right at home, and ease your muscles after long workouts. Why have one scented epsom when you have have all three?

    26. And a paraben- and cruelty-free home spa kit filled with everything you need to tune out the world and pamper yourself. This babe has lavender and jasmine bath oil, body butter, bubble bath, and more.

    the home spa kit packaged in a plastic bath tub

    May your next bath be a delight!

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