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20 Reasons Why You Belong In The Film & TV Business

Because either you've got it, or you don't. By Dean, Forrest, and Tyler Silvers

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20. You just got new headshots!

19. You're not really into the whole “9 to 5” thing.

18. You're a professional sex scene consultant, in training.

17. You're really good at holding up your fingers in the shape of a rectangle and squinting.

16. You already have a picture of you looking through the lens of a camera.

15. You're already a waitress, so half the battle is done to becoming an actress!

14. Everyone always tells you you're very dramatic!


13. You just want to be that guy in the magazine called “Who's Emma Stone’s Mystery Man?”


12. You just want to touch Ryan Gosling, legally or illegally.

11. You believe life is a stage, and STAGE IS LIFE!


10. You're a quadruple threat; you can sing, dance, act, and tell everyone about it on Facebook and Twitter every day.

9. Whenever you sing in the shower you always make sure to bring your microphone.


8. You're an “idea man” who’s just a writer, director, and actor away from getting his big break.


7. You just wrote the most amazing original screenplay about a transforming Wizard named “Optimums Potter."

6. For some reason you think people are very interested in your writer’s block, you don’t know why you keep telling everyone?


5. Your goals have always been money, sex, power … I mean making great art!

4. You're really good at using IMDb.

3. You’ve just spent months working on your acceptance speech.

2. You're the next Steven Spielberg; it only took two years for the video you posted of your uncle getting hit in the nuts to reach 200 views!

1. You’ve got “it”!

Read the Secrets of Breaking into the Film and TV Business by Dean Silvers, out now.

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