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8 Real-Life Indiana Jones-es

Move over, Harrison Ford. These eight women are the new faces of archaeology. (But we’ll still use your GIF-worthy face for humor purposes.)

HarperCollins 5 years ago

How to Build a Fast-Talking, Sex-Adventuring, Goth-Loving Heroine in 15 Steps

Some heroines' major problems include choosing between two supernatural hotties and being “quietly beautiful.” But for How to Build A Girl’s Johanna Morrigan, growing up is a little more A Series of Unfortunate Events than Twilight. So she decides to adopt a pseudonym, start collaging, and conjure up a whole new girl. Behold, the eclectic influences behind Dolly Wilde, sex-goddess-in-training:

HarperCollins 5 years ago

9 Of The Craziest Things In SEC History

Proud owner of 14 prestigious college football programs, producing seven consecutive national championships, twelve NFL first round draft choices, and a budget that crushes the GDP of Samoa, the Southeastern Conference collects the most coveted ratings, rankings, and revenue of any conference in college football. Here are nine of the craziest things in SEC history.

HarperCollins 5 years ago