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    15 Zombies Having A Worse Day Than You

    Life can be hard when you're undead.

    1. This zombie who just realized it's Monday morning.

    2. This zombie who heard Miley Cyrus for the first time today.

    3. These zombies who would really like their arms back.

    4. This zombie who just wanted a hug.

    5. This zombie who asked for a high five but got a bullet instead.

    6. These zombies who are having a wee bit of trouble finding a fire extinguisher.

    7. This zombie who just really wants some ice cream.

    8. This zombie who doesn't understand why these whippersnappers are being so mean.

    9. These zombies who have been waiting in line for the new iPhone forever.

    10. This zombie who just wanted to buy some groceries.

    11. This zombie who was thinking about redecorating but then got shot.

    12. This zombie who was taking a nice stroll but then got shot.

    13. Zombies just have a really hard time around guns, okay?

    14. This zombie who's having a mid-unlife crisis.

    15. All the zombies in this trailer for The Dead Run.

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    The Dead Run, from Adam Mansbach, author of Go the F**k to Sleep.