13 Things Book Lovers Are Tired Of Hearing

Go away, I’m reading.

1. I don’t read.

Are you proud of yourself or something?

2. How do you have so much time to read??

How do you NOT have time to read?? #priorities

3. Don’t you have more important things to do?



5. You’re reading again??

And you’re not??

6. Hey, you know that book I borrowed? I kind of lost it…

7. Why would I read the book when I can just watch the movie?

8. Why are you buying more books? Don’t you have enough?

Is that even a question?? I didn’t think so.

9. Reading is sooo boring.

10. I only read the classics.

11. Haven’t you already read that?

Yes. And?

12. Can you put that book down for a minute?

No. I can’t. Bye.

13. You need a life. You read too much.


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