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10 Tips For A Bikini-Ready Body

On the 5:2 Bikini Diet, you’ll cut calorie intake to 500 calories two days per week, and consume a “normal” amount of calories for the remaining five days. For best results, here are some tips from author Jacqueline Whitehart for keeping your “normal” days in check so that you can get the bikini body you want in no time.

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1. Eat 3 healthy, balanced meals a day.

2. Have light, healthy snacks such as fruit or yogurt if you feel peckish between meals.

3. DON'T calorie count or reduce portion size; you are not on a diet.

4. DO be aware of what you are eating. Is it necessary? Is it healthy?

5. DO allow yourself the occasional treat.

6. Cut back on processed food and ready-made meals.

7. Prepare home-cooked food as often as possible – the recipes in The 5:2 Bikini Diet are just as good on a normal day as a fast day.

8. If you are still hungry after a meal, wait 20 minutes and see if you are still hungry.

9. DO allow yourself a glass of wine or two, a tasty dessert, or even a few squares of dark (semisweet) chocolate.

10. Foods to avoid: cookies and cakes, pastries, potato chips, non-diet sodas, candy, and beer.

Read The 5:2 Bikini Diet to start your weight-loss journey today!

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