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    How To Be A Social Media Wizz. A Guide For Researchers

    In 2015 I undertook a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Fellowship to look at how dialogues are created about science on social media. On the US and Canada leg of my travels, I met with scientists and science communicators - including those at NASA. I also talked with social media strategists working in universities and museums, asking them all for their insights into how to thrive online. Here are my top 10 take-away messages. I hope they come in useful for any academics, communicators, public engagement practitioners and others that wish to generate engagement via social media in the future. You can read more about my Fellowship here.

    1. Set clear goals

    2. Do what is easy for your audience not what is easy for you

    3. Work with others to reach new audiences

    4. Treat people online as you would face-to-face

    5. It isn't an easy option. It will take time, effort, support (and a plan)

    6. Share content from elsewhere. Become an expert and a go-to person for content in that area.

    7. Use what is already available. Don't spend time reinventing the wheel

    8. Watch and learn. The area keeps evolving. Follow those that can help you do better.

    9. Don't get bogged down in the numbers.

    10. Have fun with it. People use social media because it is enjoyable.