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    People Are Sharing The Worst Thing A Toxic Friend Ever Did To Them, And I'm Literally Mad For Them

    "He cheated on me with a mutual friend, and she hid it from me and then laughed about it behind my back."

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community for their worst friend betrayal stories. Here's what they had to say.

    WARNING: Some entries contain mentions of sexual assault.

    1. "I’ve been in a friend group with the same group of girls since kindergarten (I'm a freshman now), and there’s one girl (I’ll call her CJ). ... Out of the group, she is probably the meanest, and has gotten in the most amount fights with everyone in the group. Well, her dad worked at a very famous amusement park and was able to get me and the entire group into the park for free. And as usual, she was in charge of everything, so we only did what she wanted. At one point, we went on this one ride that had a huge drop at the end of it, and it also had one of those machines that takes a pic of you."

    "As we go on, one of my other friends (we’ll call her Zaya) was sitting next to me, and she is terrified of roller coasters. ... As we were going on the drop, Zaya freaked out and tried grabbing my hand, except she missed a little. She ended up grabbing my shirt and bra and pulling it down ALL THE WAY, so there was obviously some stuff shown. Like I said before, that’s where the picture is taken, so now there’s a pic of my tatas showing. ... I didn’t really care, and I was even laughing. Well, then Zaya told me that CJ posted that pic on her snap and Insta story ON PUBLIC so everyone was able to see it. I was beyond embarrassed and seriously pissed off. So then I went up to CJ and confronted her. She gave me some BS response about how she 'didn’t see it' even though I was in the front row. I ended up going to the bathroom with my best friend, and I was sobbing. When I came out, the mom ended up getting mad AT ME for 'ruining the trip' (real words said by CJ's mom). I haven’t talked to her since August, and it’s been amazing."


    2. "When they helped me leave my ex, helped me move out, get all the things done that need to get done. THEN within a month, she was hanging out with my ex...every night! He tried to use a lot of what she told him in court during our custody hearing! Stab a person in the back much?!"


    on Friends, Monica says "I feel terrible, I really do" and rachel replies "oh, i'm sorry. did my back hurt your knife?"

    3. "We were best friends all throughout college. He was the brother I never had. He came to my house, met my family, and was even there for me during my SA/rape. ... I thought we would be friends for life. Fast forward to graduation in spring of 2021; he got a job in Boston to be with his new girlfriend. I met her in the winter, and she seemed nice and not threatened by our friendship. A few months into his move and new job, I barely heard from him. When I reached out to send him songs and stuff like we always do, he blocked my number. He said he now only has time for his girlfriend. He then proceeded to block and unfollow me on every social media platform, and he did the same for my twin sister who was not even involved in this. I’m still really hurt by this and never got an explanation."


    4. "January 2019, a close friend that had moved six months before called me up and begged me (for hours) to move to Denver so we can go back to doing stand up together like we used to. I used to tour the Midwest and knew bookers there, so it didn’t sound awful. I was also leaving a toxic job, my credit score was at an all time high (I had spent the years prior really getting a handle on it), [I had] no credit card debt, and my awful apartment’s lease was up in a couple months, so after some convincing, I agreed to move cross-country in a few months. I was going to crash on the couch for a month or so while we looked for two-bedroom places. I texted at least a couple times a month to make sure everything was good, until about a month before I was supposed to leave and was already getting out of my apartment when he said he needed another month because his place was too small to split for that long."

    "I got that — wasn’t crazy about the couch situation either. Then, he tried to push back another month. A month later...I was crashing in my sister’s garage and lining up interviews for jobs in Denver. Then when it was nearing go time, he just stopped communicating altogether. I had over a dozen interviews lined up for decent paying marketing jobs. I didn’t know what else to do or anywhere else to go, so I drove to Denver and stayed at Airbnbs and hotels while interviewing. I had two different jobs rescind offers when I couldn’t give a home address while filing onboarding paperwork. After two and a half months, and steadily going broke and using up my limited credit (I had about $3k limit), I ended up living in my car (which ended up getting repossessed) outside Prospect Park while working full-time at a commission-based street job in NYC. Then the pandemic happened. 

    I recently tried to get him to acknowledge his role in a lot of pain for me, and he lashed out, played the victim, and then blocked me on social. I have a partner now with a dog in the UWS, and am currently cofounding a nonprofit. ... I couldn’t imagine my life without either one, but at the same time my credit is destroyed, lost all my material possessions (including paintings from unknown artists I’ll never get back), and have debt I can’t pay back."


    5. "I had a friend in high school. We were attached at the hip and did absolutely everything together, but she would always push me off to the side to get what she wanted. When Harry Styles went solo, we absolutely lost our minds (both huge One Direction fans) and talked for months how we could go see him on tour together. Flash forward to tickets going on sale — I got a code while she didn't. I gave her my code so she could use her card to buy tickets and I'd give her cash...first, she told me she could only get one, so she was going alone."

    "I was already mad because that was MY code, and she didn't even get me a ticket. But then her friend posted on her story 'best early birthday present' and tagged my friend with a picture of I called her out on it. She got defensive and said I was being dramatic and selfish, so I ended it. Was it petty to lose a friend over Harry Styles tickets? Probably. Do I regret it? Absolutely not."


    Julien tells Zoya she's blowing things out of proportion, and Zoya says "I'm hurt. You hurt me" in the new gossip girl

    6. "I was on and off with a guy for a while, and then we finally ended it because it was so toxic. I wasn’t handling it well and was still thinking and talking about him for a while after. One day, I found out one of my best friends started talking to him and did the dirty, too. ... A girl I know caught them and took a picture and sent it to me."


    7. "She always made everything about her. If I said I was tired after a day at work, she would rant about how much more tired she was. At school, I had an emotionally abusive boyfriend who cheated on me a lot. While we were still dating, she told me she understood him and I didn't, that she understood why he cheated and that she'd spoken to him, and he said he wouldn't have a girlfriend when he went to uni."

    "It got worse; he cheated on me with a mutual friend, and she hid it from me and then laughed about it behind my back. I went through a really tough time and didn't know who to trust. When I left town, broke up with him, and got new friends, I realized how awfully they had both treated me. She didn't think she'd done anything wrong, so I ended up ghosting her."


    8. "She was my roommate. She had been friends with my boyfriend before we started dating, and he is who convinced me to let her move in. I found out about a year and a half later that they had been sleeping together the entire time we lived together. I moved out of our shared house that night and haven’t spoken to her since."


    on gossip girl, serena says "I thought everything was good between us" and blair replies "it was, before I found out you had sex with my boyfriend"

    9. "Keep in mind they think of themselves as an LGBTQ+ ally. One of my ex-friends outed me to them. Then I was texted a paragraph saying how I should’ve come out to them and they were mad I hadn’t. Then, they started dating the person who outed me. That’s when I broke off the friendship. Finally, they broke up, and they revealed they actually had feelings for me and wanted to be friends again."


    10. "I had a group of six close friends from our class in college, and we were supposed to take a group pic for graduation day. I was the one in touch with the photographer, and they told me that they only took pictures with five people max. When I sent a message explaining that to our group, I suggested that we could split us in two to take the picture. One of my 'friends' answered that she didn’t care, she wanted her photo to be with the other four from our group, even if that meant that 'one of us wouldn’t be in there.' Nobody else said anything. On the day of the photo shoot, they took the picture together without me. None of my friends ever asked me how I felt or tried to argue to find a way to include me in the group picture. I still act friendly if I see them, but from that day on, I knew they were never my friends."


    11. "My ex-best friend and I were both RAs in the same building. I do admit we got too close too fast, but the way things were left still affects me years later. Short version — she told our boss I ‘wasn’t respecting her boundaries’ and wasn’t to speak to her. I had to send screenshots of our texts to my boss to prove it wasn’t a one-sided relationship. The whole time I was worried sick that something happened to her because there was nothing that could have predicted this. She stole my medication, got a no-contact order put in place, which means if I even waved to her, I would be kicked out of school. Oh, and did I mention this happened two weeks before my HEART SURGERY."


    Adrianna emptying silver's meds in her purse on 90210

    12. "I left an abusive relationship just before Christmas. We had planned a girl's Christmas meal, and I said I’d have to bring my children due to my circumstances, assuming this would be okay as the previous year she’d brought her own daughter as her own relationship had ended. She told me I wasn’t allowed, cut me out of the group chat, and said I was being selfish."


    13. "My best friend assaulted me. He was dating my other best friend at the time. I told her what happened, and she blamed me, told our entire high school I slept with him for fun and was an awful person, then made my life hell. Took me years to realize I was entirely a victim because of her. At the same time, my mom was dying of cancer, and she told me it was too depressing to be my friend. Couple of years later, I blocked her on everything, but first told her she was an enemy to women everywhere and a horrible, horrible person. She’s still with the dude."


    14. "I had a friend in high school who was problematic for many reasons, but I found out she was going around telling everyone that I had a one night stand (we went to a very small Christian school, so probably the worst rumor to have going around), which was a complete lie based on no true events. I also had done nothing for her to do that, but I think she was a compulsive liar. She left her dress at my house, so me and two of my friends burned her dress and posted it on a private story. Well, the whole grade found out, and we ended up getting in huge trouble, but the girl never got in trouble for how she betrayed me."


    Rhiannon says Olive "totally" lost her v-card and olive denies it in easy a, but later everyone gossips saying she lost her virginity

    15. "12 years of friendship came to no closure and dropping off the face of the earth, literally. My (ex) best friend since grade school and I were truly each other's other half. We knew everything about each other and told each other secrets we wouldn't tell anyone else. Even once we graduated high school and went to different colleges, we still made it a point to talk every day, and see each other as often as we could. One weekend, we had already made plans to go to the beach with some friends. I was texting them to finalize plans for the trip, and was getting no response, which wasn't totally out of the ordinary since we're both busy from time to time. Finally, after hours of no response, I called them to see what was going on. In that one call, they swiftly told me that we can't be friends anymore, and they didn't believe I really knew who they were as a person, and hung up."

    "Since this day, I haven't heard from or seen them. They deleted all social media and changed their email. It's been seven years since then, and I just wish I knew that wherever they are, or whatever they're doing, that they're okay."


    16. "My best friend of more than 20 years suddenly and without warning ceased communicating with me. This was not long after I confronted her for the first time for the shady way she and her friends treated me (ex. the whole crowd telling me how much of a bitch I used to be, getting drunk and telling me how much of a bad friend I am without context or examples). After the confrontation, we hung out one other time while she was in town and texted a few times after she went back to the state she was living in at the time. I didn't realize anything was wrong between us until she came back to town for a visit (and eventually moved all the way back home) and I saw her on my Snap Map just down the road."


    17. "She was a childhood best friend. We knew each other for as long as I can remember. I invited her on a family vacation; she told my mom and I that she could come, and she would be using a pass of my mom’s, since my mom is a flight attendant. The day of her flight out, she texted us that she couldn’t make it due to her 'work schedule' being changed last minute. I was bummed, but understood. The next day, I was walking around the town my family and I were staying in, and my mom asked if I would be able to walk from where I was to where she was for lunch, so I opened the Find My Friends app to check. The friend who cancelled last minute and I were also sharing our locations with each other, and when I saw the map, she was on the other side of the country."

    "Turns out one of her exes wanted to see her out of the blue, so she lied to my family and I to go spend the weekend with him instead. I texted her, 'I just saw on Find My Friends you’re traveling, did you lie to me? Please call me,' and I never heard from her again. Total heartbreak; glad I know her true colors though."


    Carol saying "You lied to me" in Captain Marvel

    18. "I had been dating my then-boyfriend, and I had been feeling like things should end for a while. My best friend told me she supported me. I broke up with him, and it felt like the worst choice I’d ever made. He wouldn’t have taken me back, so I started dating again, and it helped me get over him. My best friend then completely ditched me, wouldn’t sit with me at lunch, always sat with him at lunch, but continued to tell me, 'He’s like a brother to me; I’ll never date him.' My sister then walked down the school hall and saw them mid-makeout session with his hands up her shirt."


    19. "I had a really close friend whom I collaborated on so many projects with, and we had a phenomenal working relationship. Then, we had a falling out, and she went ballistic on me and began bad-mouthing me to all our coworkers and gossiping about me to everyone. Then, on her initiative, we met to talk things over, and we seemed to be back on the same page professionally. She even invited me to speak at an event she planned with a coworker who was and still is the most vile gossiper in our organization. I agreed to participate and worked very hard to make sure my presentation was relevant and worthy of this event. The day before the event, my former friend emailed me to let me know my speaking slot was cut in half in favor of someone else."

    "She gave me the location to go for the event, and when I arrived the next morning ready to present, it was the incorrect location. I emailed her my disappointment, and she emailed me back she was waiting for me the whole time at the correct location and I was a no-show. Totally unprofessional and inappropriate."


    20. "I found out that my best friend of four years had been telling people things behind my back. Only when I confronted her, she then admitted that she had called me a whore to everyone we knew, and spilled private things. She apologized at first, and then turned it on me and said it was my fault. She then ended our friendship, and I struggled a lot."

    "I finally realized her jealousy was the issue, and I was relieved I didn’t have to continue with the drama. I now have amazing friends who I wouldn’t trade for the world. Do not put up with someone else’s insecurities when they are tearing you down."


    on the hills, lauren says she appreciates heidi's apology because she knows it was hard, but she wants to forgive and forget now — aka, forgive heidi then forget heidi

    21. "I live overseas, and I had to go to a summer school in the States. I was FaceTiming my best friend every day. One day, I opened my Instagram account, and a music duo page sent me a follow request. As I opened the page, I found out that she opened the page with another girl. The page we had been planning to open together."

    "On top of that, I started dating someone. After I broke my ankle, that person started ghosting me. Later on, I found out that my ‘best friend’ started talking to him and dated [him] for seven months."


    22. "I’d been friends with her for years…it ended after I found out through mutual friends that she had been making fun of my sister behind my back for months — including at the graduation party WE THREW FOR HER. Like, making fun of what she wore and said, and excluding my sister and I because she 'didn’t feel like dealing with us.' Yeah, I called her, and she lied to me the whole way. I sent my breakup text a few weeks later…and then she tried to turn me against my sister and said that I had been 'looking for an excuse' to break up with her. It suddenly clicked why she had been broken up with by two friend groups before. I never texted back and never will."


    23. "I had the same best friend for middle school and the first few years of high school. ... During my junior year, she moved in with me because of some family drama. At this point, I did have a small group of other friends that I would spend time with. She knew all of them from a mutual extracurricular, but they all hated her because of things she’d said or done over the years."

    "After she moved in, I stopped getting invited to everything because the hosts didn’t want her to come along. ... She broke up with her boyfriend about three months into our cohabitation, and she called me demanding I leave the lunch date I was on to come take care of her. I did, and when I got there, she was so upset she started screaming, saying she hated everyone, that this was my fault because her boyfriend had asked me out once before they started dating, and threw a curling iron at me. Two weeks later, she snuck out of the house at 2 a.m. and beat up her now ex’s car. After that, my parents said she couldn’t live with us anymore, and she moved in with some friends of her folks. 

    We continued to see each other at school and activities for the rest of her last semester of high school, and she acted perfectly pleasant to me. Weirdly though, no one else would speak to me. I had assumed that after she left my life would return to normal, but I was more ostracized than I was before. After she graduated though, I found out why. She had told everyone that my parents were heavy drinkers and smokers, and that they had thrown her out on the street for absolutely no reason during a big party they were hosting (my parents have always abstained from both alcohol and tobacco), and that she and her bf broke up because I slept with him (I was a virgin). When I called her to confront her, she started crying and saying she just didn’t want everyone to think she was the problem. When I told her I wasn’t going to talk to her anymore, she genuinely didn’t understand why. Finally ending that was one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life."


    on pretty little liars, aria says hanna is the problem like she always is and that if she wants to self destruct that's fine, but she won't let her take aria's mom down with her

    What's the worst thing a friend did to you? Let us know in the comments below.

    Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.