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What Fanfiction Is Actually Better Than The Thing It’s Based On?

"A Finger Slip" is a work of art.

Fanfiction is a beautiful thing that we should all be reading.

It often rights wrongs of canon storylines and relationships, explores new worlds and ideas, and is far more sex positive and inclusive than the actual source material. In fact, sometimes it's even better than the show, book, or film.

But there are also SO MANY amazing ones. Maybe you think James/Lily Harry Potter fic "Commentarius" by B.C Daily, though unfinished, is the best YA novel of our generation.

Or maybe you think "A Finger Slip" by Pawtal is better than Sherlock.

Or that "Twist and Shout" by gabriel and standbyme is the story Dean and Castiel on Supernatural deserved.

Or maybe you love any fic that gives Finn and Rey the story they deserved after The Force Awakens, like "Hell of a Start" by 13letters.

Now it's your turn: What fanfiction is actually better (or at least as good as) its source material, and why? Let me know in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!