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    19 Super Awkward, Cringeworthy, Or Borderline Creepy Things Characters Did In Teen Shows And Films That Always Bothered Me

    Like...are we gonna talk about these?

    Maybe I just have a low threshold for secondhand embarrassment, but there are certain things in teen shows and movies that I just think are so weird and cringe — and no one seems to talk about them.

    Here are just a smattering of things that bother me in teen shows and films:

    1. On One Tree Hill, when Julian wrote a TV show about his wife and her friends when they were in high school, and then inserted himself in as a character.

    Brooke: "my favorite part is the addition of the julian character to Tree Hill High" Julian: "do you think julian making the winning shot was too much?"

    2. In Twilight, when all the adoptive siblings were dating each other:

    Jess says the cullens are all together, saying rosalie and emmett are dating and that it's weird because they live together, even if they're not actually related

    3. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Spike literally created a robot Buffy to have sex with:

    Spike says "you should be afraid of me, i'm bad" sparring with buffy bot and buffy bot says "you are, you're very very bad" seductively

    4. On Glee, when Will cast himself in Rocky Horror Picture Show:

    5. And on Riverdale, when Betty's mom performed in Carrie:

    Betty's mom as Carrie's mom

    6. In 13 Going on 30, when Jenna had a sleepover with a bunch of kids:

    7. On Pretty Little Liars, when Ezra gave a whole goodbye speech to his class and was CLEARLY just talking to Aria:

    8. And just the fact that they got married...especially IN THEIR TOWN, in front of literally everyone:

    9. On One Tree Hill, when Brooke, Haley, and Quinn randomly dressed up as superheroes to help a girl who was being bullied:

    10. On Glee, when Finn kissed Emma (his former guidance counselor) and then Will challenged him to a Backstreet Boys/NSYNC dance-off (which they also physically fought during?):

    Will says "in the '90s, the media pitted two of America's hottest music groups against one another in an epic clash for pop culture supremacy" then has a dance-off mixed with a physical fight with Finn

    11. In 10 Things I Hate About You, when Kat read her poem to the class and started crying:

    12. On Pretty Little Liars, when Aria was implanted with Emily's eggs:

    Ali tells Emily she's pregnant with Emily's eggs

    13. In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, when 22-year-old Scott was dating a high schooler:

    14. In Booksmart, when Miss Fine went into the TEENAGERS' party and flirted with Theo:

    15. On The Vampire Diaries, when Stefan dated the carbon copy of his ex:

    Elena sees the photo of Katherine that looks just like her

    16. And also when he literally stalked Elena for months after meeting her and then decided to go back to high school so he could be close to her:


    17. In The Lizzie McGuire Movie, when Pablo dated Lizzie, a middle-schooler:

    18. On Riverdale, when Veronica insisted that she and Jughead kiss to basically get revenge on Archie and Betty for kissing:

    Veronica says that to clear the air, her and Jughead should kiss, and Jughead agrees it will help "save a future bughead from imploding" then they kiss

    19. In High School Musical, when Ryan and Sharpay had played opposite each other in musicals their whole lives, often playing love interests despite being siblings:

    Ryan and Sharpay sing "what i've been looking for" and later taylor says "if that girl could figure out a way to play both romeo and juliet, her own brother would be aced out of a job"

    What other creepy, cringeworthy, or awkward things always weirded you out from teen shows and movies? Let us know in the comments!