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This Guy Pretended He Knew A Girl To Get Her Out Of A Creepy Situation, And It's Starting An Important Convo

We need more men to do this.

If you identify as a woman, you've probably dealt with a creepy guy. Or 50.

John Travolta creepily behind Scarlett Johansson

As women, we've learned about a million techniques to keep creeps away. Not walking alone, acting erratically to ward people off, avoiding eye contact, carrying your keys in your fist...

woman holding keys in her fist

But unfortunately, creepy men will often not back off unless someone else gets involved. This was the case when TikToker @thebrandonrobert spotted a woman at the mall who was approached and hit on by a man who he said "appeared to be intoxicated or on drugs."

In a viral TikTok that's been viewed more than 33 million times, Brandon approaches the girl and pretends to know her to get her out of the situation.

He said he observed the situation first, and made eye contact with her a few times before approaching.

She immediately catches on, asking Brandon how he is. Brandon mentions his aunt is there, and the girl goes along with it, replying, "Aunt Claire?"

Brandon says "oh my god, hi!" and the girl says the same back. Brandon then mentions his aunt is there, and she replies "Aunt Claire?"

They leave, and the girl quietly thanks Brandon as he asks if she's okay.

The girl says the guy asked if she wanted to go back to his place, calling him creepy. Brandon asks if she's okay, and she says yes and thanks him

The moment has started an important conversation, with many commenting that more men should be like Brandon.

comment saying there should be more people like Brandon, and also that unfortunately a man will sometimes only leave a girl alone when another man intervenes

And others said that "Aunt Claire came in clutch" and that "Aunt Claire" should be some sort of code now.

comments joking about Aunt Claire and asking it to become a universal code

While of course it would be nice if women weren't put in situations like this in the first place, there is so much more you can do to help women than just not being that creepy guy. If you want to use your privilege for good, please step into a situation where you see another man acting creepily.

comments saying Brandon was raised right and thanking him, lamenting how messed up it is that girls are put in these kinds of situations

Even Tana Mongeau commented, saying, "hell ya."

Tana says "hell ya" and Brandon replies "ofc tana" with an angel emoji

As a woman who has been in a bunch of creepy situations and also heard countless stories from friends, I can attest that having someone step in and help out in these situations is so, SO important.

In conclusion, thank you, Brandon — and allow this to be a reminder for all the men out there to please do your part!